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Beggaining of catholic - Essay Example

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The traditions of believers extend from the apostles to Christ’s teachings interpretations up to date. In reality, the Catholic religion is known for its extent of continuity from Peter the…
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Beggaining of catholic
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Extract of sample "Beggaining of catholic"

Beginning of Catholic The truths of the Catholic Church cannot be separated from believer’s traditions. The traditions of believers extend from the apostles to Christ’s teachings interpretations up to date. In reality, the Catholic religion is known for its extent of continuity from Peter the rock on which the church was founded and remains on until now. This paper discusses the beginning of the Catholic Church.
The determination of the exact date of the origin of the Catholic Church may be impossible. However, Jesus Christ is said to be its origin, which makes Catholic religion one of the oldest institutions of religion since time in memory. Jesus of Nazareth was an itinerant preacher in Jerusalem during the Common Era’s early 30s. Catholicism is strongly founded on the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. In this regard, the proclamation of Catholic Church is that the death of Jesus Christ was for intended for this church. In addition, Catholicism was built and established on by the apostles through Peter who is believed to have been given the Keys to Heaven’s Kingdom. Peter was also given the power to loosen and bind that which is bound in Heaven. At this point, the Catholics believe that Jesus gave Peter the obligation to serve as the head of the Church under the authority of Jesus (Norman, p.8).
After Jesus’ resurrection, His mission of bringing salvation to man was complete. However, one would only obtain salvation through encounter with Jesus in baptism and becoming a disciple. This way, the church would be established. Holmes and Bicker reveal that with Peter as the church’s head, the other disciples assisted in the mission of disciples making in the world as Jesus had commanded. Through this mission, the word Catholic was used to mean universal, which also means the Catholic Church reaching around the world. The Pope and Bishops head the Catholic Church congregation. The roles of the Pope originated from Peter the church head, while the disciples were replaced with bishops. The Pope is considered to be the successor to have succeeded Peter whose grave is in Vatican City today.
At first, the Roman Catholic Church in the Roman Empire was prohibited. In this empire, Christians were under terrible prosecutions. These conditions lasted for about three hundred years until the reign of Emperor Constantine (Vidmar, p.10). The conversion of Emperor Constantine into Catholicism made it legal and eventually recognized as the religion for the empire officially. Constantine legalized Christianity in A.D. 313 with the Edict of Milan. Later on, the Nicea Council was called in attempt for Christianity unification in A.D. 325. In his view, Constantine believed that Christianity was the pillar for Roman Empire unification at a time when the empire was fragmenting and dividing. In addition, Constantine’s embracing the Catholic Church resulted to its spreading and gaining temporal and spiritual influence in the west. For instance, Catholicism influenced Western art and culture during the middle ages resulting to fastest growth in Asia, South America and Asia. The well-defined network of roads and waterways, which facilitated traveling with ease, facilitated the spread of Catholicism ideas. In addition, Pax Roman allowed safe interregional travel. Furthermore, the Roman Empire allowed urban inhabitants to learn Greek (Vidmar, p. 11). With Greece as the common language, Catholicism ideas were easily spread, expressed and comprehended. For the Catholics, there is a strong believe that the redemption message is as universal as human sin and as a result, sought to spread far and wide like Jesus had required from His disciples.
In this paper, the discussion focuses on the origin of Catholic Church. The beginnings of Catholicism are associated with the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. Prior to ascension, Jesus required His disciples to go around the world making additional disciples. The leadership role of this mission was given to Peter. Jesus called Peter the rock on which the church would be established. In order to carry on the role of Peter, the Catholic Church appointed Bishops to replace the apostles and the Pope as Peter’s successor. Emperor Constantine, who was converted to Christianity making it a national religion, facilitated the spread of Catholicism in Rome.
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Beggaining of Catholic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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