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Thanksgiving Holiday - Essay Example

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If one takes a look at Thanksgiving from the perspective which was developed by Bellah, one will be able to see that it might be regarded as a part of American civil religion. The researcher in question suggests that the nature of the latter is ambiguous: it is not based on any…
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Thanksgiving Holiday
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"Thanksgiving Holiday"

Download file to see previous pages The celebration of Thanksgiving is closely connected to various rituals. For example, there is always a big football game that people all over the country watch. For them the Super Bowl is an inseparable part of the holiday, though it was added many centuries after. Secondly, people tend to prepare a specific food for this holiday, which also makes it a part of the ritual.
Finally, the significance of Thanksgiving might be analyzed through the prism of the concept of sacred space. Indeed, the times when the first colonists were weak and relied on the assistance of the Indians are perceived as sacred. That is why commemoration of them creates appropriate space for the people to interact.
As one can clearly see, Thanksgiving fits in the idea of American civic religion as it serves a particular function: it unites people who come from different classes, cultural background and religious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thanksgiving Holiday Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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...?Thanksgiving Introduction Sarah Joseph Hale, a very committed and persistent woman who strongly desired to unite her country, created the national Holiday of Thanksgiving. For more than two hundred and fifty years, this task had frustrated other people. The 1788-born woman was a mother of five children and during a period when hardly any woman succeeded in becoming a professional writer, she was able to become a prominent writer and editor of a magazine for women and this enabled her to give support to herself as well as her family1. Sarah’s husband had died from pneumonia leaving her to take care of the children, the youngest of whom was yet to be born. In spite of the challenging task...
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Research about The Thanksgiving Day the entire family in a gathering. The purpose of this meal is to gather family members at one meal because in daily routine life they do not have much time to sit together and enjoy a meal (Wallendrof & Arnold, 1991). It is compulsory for every family member to be at that particular meal and sit with the whole family. In United States of America, the tradition of Thanks giving day was started nearly four hundred years ago. There is long story behind this decision of celebrating the official thanks giving day. Every year the day is fixed but the date is changed therefore the President of the country announces a local holiday on this day at the start of the year (Wallendrof & Arnold, 1991). If we research about the...
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