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It will reward those employees with high ratings. The employee with poor performance or bringing huge losses to the Union will receive fines. The performance of every employee…
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Team project bragging plan
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Local H-56 Team (A, B, etc Group 3 11/6/14 Team Members: Joe Hamill, Qianming Chen, Xiwen Liu, Helen Okafor-Ezeadum TARGET (DESIRED) SETTLEMENT

 3% individual increase (includes overtime hour increase, see below*)
 3% benefits contribution per employee; goes towards medical, dental, vision, childcare stipend.

 3-day increase at 5 years (currently 10 days), 15 years (currently 15 days) and 20 years (currently 20 days).

 Guarantee of hours worked (full-time minimum 25 hrs upon tenure of 3yrs)

 Sick days request 3 days annually (currently 0 days)
1 floating holiday annually, also, mandatory overtime pay for holidays worked (new years, memorial day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).
*Average overtime hours increase from 50 to 98 annually.
 Attach additional sheets as needed with proposed language changes.
Proposed Contract Duration: __3__ years
(annual increase of .08% based on cost of living)
Year 1: $297,553.58
Year 2: $321,357.86
Year 3: $347,066.49
Local H-56 Team (A, B, etc.):
Team Members:

 The union plans to issue bonuses to employees who perform well in their previous month of service. It will reward those employees with high ratings. The employee with poor performance or bringing huge losses to the Union will receive fines. The performance of every employee must be reviewed monthly to determine issuing of reward/fine. The criteria for rewarding/fining employee depend on employee’s salary rate, job group and the previous date of rating the employee.
i. The employee current salary rate is calculated in his/her current job group
ii. Determine the next high stage in employee job group or the maximum rate of the employee in his/her job group. Multiply this by the employee’s salary rate and multiply the results by 1.03.
iii. An employee receives this amount as the total of his /her salary and bonuses. Bonuses are only found by subtracting this salary from previous.
Note: In case the employee figures hit the next job group salary and remain that for one year, he/she is entitled to promotion. Otherwise, the union should issue a detailed explanation.
 The management desires to reduce the health insurance cost of the hotel by a sixth of the existing amount, i.e. $485,000 per year after increasing the payment by the workers.

 The management desires not increase any further payment on retirement and continue with existing retirement benefits as per market regulations (Colosi and Berkeley, 2006).
The union wishes to undertake overtime schedules. That is, any worker working in a work class not his/her own, meet the overtime compensation. This must be computed by choosing between the higher rate between the regular step rate for his/her job position and initial step of other classification. Employee is paid 2 times the normal time in case they seek overtime. Any work past 40 hours is considered overtime. However, employees are not allowed to work more than 40 hours as their overtime. The union is not supposed to use overtime as an excuse to reduce the work time for employer.
Sick leave accumulates pay credits for the whole employment month. It is scheduled 9-10 hours per week. For personal leaves, the scheduled hours per week are 37-40. The bereavement leave is allowed for 7 days, voting has 1 day leave and family leave happens for three months. Medical leave has no probation.
 The union allows workers in HR, financial department, IT department, and other interior workers national holiday’s day off due to flexibility of their work. However, other workers such as housekeeper, front desk receiver, and kitchen department maximum of 1/3 holiday leave as their work is inevasible in holidays. The union pays workers working 2/3 of the public holiday annually with overtime benefits during the public holidays.
Staff Discount

 The hotel’s union wishes to define some discount to hotel’s employee who reserves a room. The union employee who reserves a room is entitled to earn 10% from amount paid for the room.
During low season, non-holiday, the union offer free room upgrade to hotel’s staff and their relatives.

 Attach additional sheets as needed with proposed language changes.
Proposed Contract Duration: ___3_ years
(add or delete years as needed)
Year 1:$281316.95
Year 2:$303822.31
Year 3:$328128.09
*0.08 annual rate of increase based on deflation and cost of living
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