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Andrei Rublev's The Holy Trinity - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Andrei Rublev's The Holy Trinity" discovers the Russian icon painting of Andrei Rublev. The 14th century period in Russia was characterized by a rapid growth of the Christian culture initially introduced by the Prince of Kiev. The monks engaged in the active construction…
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Andrei Rublevs The Holy Trinity
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Extract of sample "Andrei Rublev's The Holy Trinity"

Download file to see previous pages Olsufiev describes Andrew Rublev as one of the iconic painters in the Russian History. He lived between 1360 and 1430. Information on Andrew’s biography is very scanty. Nevertheless, the available history shows that he was born in Pskov. He is considered a hero in painting of the Russian icons and frescoes. His name is associated with the flourishing period of the Russian art. Additionally, it is also linked with the revival of the Byzantine art after its ruin under the Ottoman rule. In the 1380, he was one of the artisans in the Prince’s cartel. They engaged in painting and decoration of churches. According to the Russian Orthodox Church Andrew was first mention as a painter when under the apprenticeship of Theophanes the Greek. This was in the Trinity Sergei Lavra Monastery, where he was a pupil of Prokhor of Gorodets. The two artists painted icons and frescos for the Cathedral of Annunciation of the Moscow Kremlin. It is in this monastery that Andrew did most of his painting. He moved out of this monastery after the death of his friend, Danil Cherny. He relocated to Andronikov Monastery in Moscow where he painted the frescos of the Savior Cathedral. That was his last painting. He remained in the same area and no wonder most of his paintings are found in or around Moscow. He died in 1430. A museum was constructed in the Andronikov Monastery, where the art and the epoch of Andrew Rublev are displayed. Smirnova observes that the surviving work shows that he belonged to either early Muscovite school or Vladimir-Suzdal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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