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The reasons for the difference were in the uniqueness of the structures of the two religions. Christianity was among the earliest religions in the world. Islam on the other hand came into being later at a time when the…
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Early christians
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Early Christians Introduction Islam spread faster than Christianity did in the early ages. The reasons for the difference were inthe uniqueness of the structures of the two religions. Christianity was among the earliest religions in the world. Islam on the other hand came into being later at a time when the Roman Catholic had its 69th pope. Despite its late entrance, the structure of Islam enhanced the aggressive nature with which it spread. The Arab empire spread rapidly after the death of Prophet Muhammad through systematic caliphates. The caliphates occupied large geographical areas extending from the Middle East to Northern Africa. The creation of Islamic territories through the expansion of the Arab Empire enhanced the rapid spread of the Islam globally (Goddard, 1995).
The region spoke a single language with the Arab missionaries enhancing the spread of both the Arab language and the culture, Sufis who were among the main missionaries in the religion interacted with the local population thereby teaching them about the faith. The spread of the Ottoman Empire coupled with the infusion of Islam in economic activities enhanced the rapid spread of the religion. In short, Islam spread rapidly since it occurred holistically. The spread of the Arab empire introduced new economic systems in the region. As the people engaged in trading, they traded the Islamic values. Such was not the case with Christianity. Christianity coexisted with secular states and remained limited to particular dictates of the faith. Furthermore, some dictates of the religion subjected the people to exploitation thereby causing major resistance to the spread of the faith and later enhanced the formation of the Protestants.
Goddard, H. G. (1995). Christians and Muslims: from double standards to mutual understanding. London: Routledge. Read More
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