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The Relationship between Men and Women: Genesis 1-2 - Essay Example

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This essay describes the first and second chapter of Genesis entails the primary biblical passage for people across the divide including those opposing and those supporting the ordination of women. People differ on whether men and women should have different roles to play in the church…
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The Relationship between Men and Women: Genesis 1-2
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Extract of sample "The Relationship between Men and Women: Genesis 1-2"

Download file to see previous pages  Hebrew transforms the singular word man into plural without any comments. Adam starts with a definite article the, then changes to plural them in the process resulting into the explanation that the terminology man, represents both female and male (Genesis 1: 26-27). The process takes place while explains the creation of man. Bringing into modern translation but sticking to the flow of Hebrew, a better translation would be humanity. Genesis 5: 2 also points to the fact that Adam includes both male and female. The analysis of this chapter reveals that it was and it is important for God to refer to the entire human race using one sex. The chapter explains that female and male sexes take part in equal roles in the image of God, taking both functional and ontological positions.
The primary passage and other supporting verses do not give any hint of divine creation a specific order relating to woman and man. The passage does not present one sex as subordinate to another they are equal. God blesses them together and gives them the power to multiply, remain fruitful, as well as conquer the earth. They receive the mandate to dominate the earth (Gene 1: 28). It is not that man gets the dominion of a woman. The etymology epistemology of the name Adam following its origin in Hebrew also disapproves those who the view that referring to Adam as man, remained an entitlement of male sex. Adam a synonym of man represents the generic terminology for humankind. In the Scripture, it does not mean man. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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