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Evolution Of Religions - Research Paper Example

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The process of religious evolution has been considered a gradual process, with its emergence in the ancient times (Dow 69). There have been numerous adaptive evolutionary…
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Evolution Of Religions
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"Evolution Of Religions"

Download file to see previous pages Darwin argued that since variability and natural selection were the key reasons behind organisms’ adaptive changes, they could apply this concept in sociological, cultural and religious transformations (Dow, 69). Numerous theories also serve to explain the nature of religious behaviors, and the reason behind the existence of diverse religious beliefs. Experts deem man to be a religious animal, owing to his desire to explain various natural phenomena and his fears of the mysterious natural and spiritual ideas. Besides, religious beliefs are deemed critical owing to a number of benefits (Dow, 69). For instance, various religions are critical in promoting a healthy lifestyle, in both mental and physical aspects. Additionally, religion serves to promote altruistic cooperation among individuals within denominational in-groups.
The evolution of religion leads to the inquiry of the origin of various religious beliefs that transformed into modern religions (Matthews 219). The emergence of such practices as the magic and divination within Europe in the 19th century were deemed as remnants of the religion evolution, similar to the vestigial organs in evolving organisms (Matthews 221). Additionally, the cultural change civilization shifts served critically to explain the concept of religious evolution. However, Durkheim highlighted a critical aspect that elucidated the inexistence of religious evolution, through the explanation that such practices were ever-present. Durkheim explains that such origins were the transformation of religious beliefs from the non-civilized ideas to more civilized ones (Matthews 221).
In another perspective, critics may argue that, during the evolution of man in the ancient times, man developed the communication capability (Sosis 319). This was significant in capacitating humans to share their feelings by means of syntactic communication his inner forms with his peers. Man’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evolution Of Religions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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Prior to Darwin, though some naturalists had speculated about modification of species, they failed to explain why and how species change. They also believed that evolution began with special creation of only a fixed number of species. Partially influenced by Thomas Malthus' essay on the Principle of Population and stimulated by a letter from Alfred Russell Wallace, Charles Darwin in 1859 discussed the evolution of species through natural selection in his famous work titled On the Origin of Species, which entirely revolutionized the earlier concepts of evolutionary biology.
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There are two reasons to support this assertion. First, the Pharisees seemed to believe that Jesus was David’s descendant (Mat 22: 43), a clear indication that he was an important theological figure among them. Secondly, the New Testament links David to the bloodline of
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