Controversial Issue Between Evolution and Religion - Term Paper Example

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For a lengthy period of time, a number of controversial issues between evolution and religion have been identified. In itself, evolution has been factored in as an issue of debate. …
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Controversial Issue Between Evolution and Religion
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Download file to see previous pages It is for this reason, therefore, that this paper aims at shining light to the specific areas between the two theories which make various groups (the scientists and those embracing Christianity) to engage into a heated debate. It is also imperative for the general society to get to understand the shared grounds as well as the areas of divergence between these theories. In ensuring that the existent controversy is clearly highlighted, there a number of questions which this paper aim to answer. These include how does creationism disapprove evolution? What misconceptions are there about evolution? and, How is the evolution theory in conflict with religion? In answering the above listed questions, this paper avails an overview of the theory of evolution according to various scientists, including Charles Darwin, Charles Bonnet, Charles Lyell and Dawkins. The paper also compares and contrasts evolution with different religions including Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. According to religion, it is believed that there is a Supreme Being (GOD) and that existence is divine. On the other hand, science relies entirely on natural causes as the source of existence. Both religion and evolution avails a believable explanation of the peaceful co-existence of the universe. This makes it quite challenging to conclude which of the two is really true. Nevertheless, the theories are equally important. Besides there being some areas of discord between the theories, there are shared grounds. For instance, it has universally been agreed that the earth is round and not flat and that it is continuously revolving around the sun. The peer-reviewed reference materials used in this paper offer the information needed in realizing the goal of this paper. It is crystal clear from these sources that there is a need to embrace science following its ability to avail detailed explanations of phenomena which would otherwise not have been so explained without scientific assistance. Introduction Science is the “knowledge about the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world based on provable facts” science revolves around analyzing evidence. Religion on the other hand, is defined as having faith in the existence of super natural being. (Hornby, 2010) There has been remarkable controversy on the facts brought about by these two theories on the existence of the world and all that is in it. The theory of evolution has caused conflict with religious bodies especially Christianity from time in memorial. Before this paper continues to explain any further, it will define some of the words it is likely to encounter in its making. Theory: According to (Paula, 2011) theory is the best explanation a scientist can give to a set of facts. A theory that has been proved scientifically carries a lot of weight. A satisfactory theory should be researched on, tested, explored and back up evidence should be available. Defining the word theory is crucial because when tackling this paper proficient knowledge of creationism and evolution is undeniable. It is vital to note that these two processes are theories which explain the existence of the universe and all species found in it. Creationism theory: The creationism theory claims that the world and all the species in it were created to showcase the love that God has. Creationists claim that God made it all. The forms of life found on earth were to co-exist peacefully and enjoy everything given to them by God. Species have never mutated since creation. Organisms were created intentionally to fill specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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