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The Complete Green Letters, Miles J. Stanford - Book Report/Review Example

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The book is very positive and it helps one to get motivated in life. The reader gets to learn the skills of life. The book has got much inspiration on life. The book also tells the reader that it has his or her responsibility to…
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The Complete Green Letters, Miles J. Stanford
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Extract of sample "The Complete Green Letters, Miles J. Stanford"

Download file to see previous pages With all these life becomes very easy and the conflicts that are there in life often go. The green book talks much on the truth that is complicated. The author talks about some of simple truths that are there.1 The green letters combined becomes a book that is termed to be refreshing. The five books that make up this book base their arguments on the growth of Christianity. The book is written under the wisdom of others. The writer of the book is very broad and as he writes his book he dedicates his heart to the work and uses his knowledge to explain himself to the best. The use of the quotes has been noted all through the book. The many authors that have been quoted in the book have been selected have got some importance to the book but not all of them are convincing. The author indicates in the book that the book had changed him a lot and the believed in things that he did not believe in there earlier. He admits that, in everything, there is always a lesson that is leant in the process. He says that there is always something to be learnt from all the people who think differently than him. The author says that he gained from the book that spiritual growth needs much time. That is how one gets to the spiritual secret. The book also touches much on the effects of sin. Mr. Miles, who is the writer of the book, supports the Keswick convention teachings (Stanford 1983). The convention did lay many emphases on the identification and the position. The writer advises the reader to enter the Christs rest as it is written from Hebrews 4:9-11. Mr. Miles goes on and says that if we turn against sin and change our condition of and bring an improvement in life and by so doing the results are the victim usually comes to the rock of grace and after that self-support.
The writer says that he is very bothered since it seems to most people that the truth about Christ is meant for very people since many people do not seem ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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