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Journey of the Universe by Swimme and Mary - Article Example

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This article "Journey of the Universe by Swimme and Mary" explains the essence of interrelationship between humanity and the universe. The authors use their story in illustrating that the future of human beings is not a mystery as they have continued to live from the beginning…
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Journey of the Universe by Swimme and Mary
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Extract of sample "Journey of the Universe by Swimme and Mary"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major ideas useful for understanding the point made by the authors is on page 5 “The discovery that the universe has expanded and is still expanding is one of the greatest of human story…” (Swimme and Mary, p. 5). The authors use this idea to illustrate how the expansion of the Earth, from the beginning, can explain its relation to human beings. Even though the universe is expanding making the galaxies move from each other, the authors assert that there is another force in action, gravity, and acting opposite. Gravity helps in pulling the universe together and their counteraction with the expansion of the universe has occurred since the beginning of the world. The knowledge that the two opposing forces have shaped the universe makes the authors interpreted this double process as indicative of life, movement of breath, and blood. Intuitively, the double process likens to the expansion and contraction of the human’s heart; consequently, this supports the breathing and exhalation of human beings.

In this idea, the authors try to raise a question about the basis for a human being alive in the world; what continues to support their breathing process in the world. This question enlightens one on the need for knowing the fate of humans in the world since breathing is the inherent process which makes human alive. After getting knowledge about this question, a reader can get to know about the fate of human beings in the universe. Everybody, from the age of two, would like to know the mechanism of breathing. From the book, the authors offer possible hints for answering the question about breathing and exhalation. To continue living, every human formulates their reasoning about this question; intuitively, there a possibility for finding the most suiting answer by interconnecting the different ideas. In human life, this question serves inherently in explaining their uniformity with each other. Since every human being, besides animals and plants, are able to breathe equal to each other, this illustrates that there is no difference between them regardless of race, religion, or status in the society. In religion, this question illustrates how the creator of the world values each and every of His creation.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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