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Superiority of Jesus in New Testament and Hebrews - Essay Example

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The goal of this essay is to comparatively analyze the authority and superiority of the figure of Jesus Christ depicted in the New Testament and Hebrews manuscripts. Thus, the essay discusses the spiritual aspects of Jewish faith figureheads and priesthood…
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Superiority of Jesus in New Testament and Hebrews
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Extract of sample "Superiority of Jesus in New Testament and Hebrews"

The wanted his readers to believe Jesus is superior. Identify and explain the evidence he provides to support thisthesis
According to the New Testament, there is the foretold venture that Jesus has the title of an intercessor, mediator, king and savior. Hebrews, on the other hand, Jesus has the title of a priest. Such is the core message that is among the Hebrews and constitutes the main idea under which others follow. The Hebrew doctrine states that priesthood was the main purpose for which Jesus was put here on earth. Relevant to this research, the divine honor of becoming priesthood portrays the superiority of Jesus (Douglas 48).
Priesthood, in addition is also one of the reasons given to assist Hebrews in holding and maintaining their faith in Jesus. Priesthood is relevant to a better covenant and a better relationship with God. Jesus brought forth a new covenant doing away with the old covenant. From doing so, Hebrews believe that they will have a stellar relationship with God by following Jesus & his new covenant (Douglas 48). The belief regarding Hebrews believing that following Jesus as the new covenant will lead to a better working relationship with God and fellow men. As such, it is only with probable cause that the author explains how such a faith in Jesus shows his authority and superiority.
Upon believing in the new covenant, a Hebrew believes there is no need for the old covenant. Not only religion-wise but also custom wise where traditional practices in the old covenant like circumcision, various rituals, festivals & Sabbaths were refused hence spiritually held no merit. Christianity circumnavigates around the fact that Jesus is their true path to God. The title that Jesus holds as the high priest clothed with holiness, blamelessness, pure and holy constitutes the major requirements that a Christian needs. Notably so, Christians to accept Jesus and follow his ways shows his superiority as a leader & figurehead in the church (Douglas 48).
Clergymen in the Old Testament had to create sin forfeit every day, displaying that the ultimate remedy had not arrived yet. The arrival of Jesus Christ was so efficient relevant to meeting the requirements of the church. The arrival of Jesus ensured that the church implemented policies that only glorified God and that idol worship was refused and rebuked. In order to fully implement this, Jesus gave instructions to the Levitical priests to offer sacrifices & offerings to God as a sign of worshiping him.
As a sign of portraying the significance of offering sacrifices to God, Jesus offered himself as a sign of obedience to God & sacrificing himself for his people. He offered himself as a sacrificial lamb to mend the torn bridge between God & man. According to the old covenant, priests were appointed by man but God had promised to appoint another priest holy & divine (Douglas 48). The term’s savior of man and Lamb of God came to fruition by the arrival of Jesus. As such, all these concepts proceed to show the superiority & being of authority of Jesus Christ. The Jewish believe that Jesus is the high priest as he has been exalted to a position of power & royalty clouded with spiritual power. Hebrew has the faith that Jesus now sits at the right hand of God in heaven.
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Douglas, Mary. The abominations of Leviticus Food and Culture: A Reader(2012): 48. Read More
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