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The idea underlying the Kingdom of God is the Kingship of God as both Supreme Being and Creator. It was the opportunity of gaining access into…
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Hebrews through Revelation
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The Kingdom of God, or also referred to as by some as the Kingly Rule of God is a major theme is the Old and New Testament of the Bible. The idea underlying the Kingdom of God is the Kingship of God as both Supreme Being and Creator. It was the opportunity of gaining access into the Kingdom of God that was fundamental to the ministry of Jesus, and the Kingdom of God as well mentions mainly in Acts. However, its foundation rests in the Old Testament for the objective of God from the start was to create the Kingdom of God. Yet the blossoming of the idea originated from the principles and teachings of Jesus (Watson 2002).
When the Kingdom of God is mentioned in the New Testament we at all times should take into account its context. The Jews entirely were very much anticipating the establishing of a concrete Kingly rule in which their King would govern and rule in Jerusalem and they would have an international status of authority. In Matthew 18.1, Luke 19.11, and Acts 1.6 are frequently the references to this particular Kingly rule of God in the New Testament. This was not the principle of Jesus. This alludes to the falsely held points of view of men of the Kingly Rule of God. However, Jesus explained very clearly that the Kingly Rule was not to be anticipated in this manner (Luke 17.21). His Kingly rule was never worldly or mortal (John 18.36) rather it was now existent in Him, and men should act in response to it from their hearts and offer themselves in deference and submission to God and to Jesus Christ. It led to the spreading of the word (Matthew 13). So as to experience and gain access into it men should be conceived and given life from above (John 3.5-6). The final test was to identify whether their hearts were genuine and truly righteous (Matthew 13.1-8).
There is hence a development of conception originally between the Kingly rule of God which was proclaimed the moment Jesus had been asserted by the Father as His Son (Mark 1.11) as well that which occurred when He was resurrected from the dead and received His rightful place in Heaven (Matthew 28.18).
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Hebrews through Revelation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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