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The Islamic Association of Raleigh and First Presbyterian Church - Essay Example

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I visited the mosque on Friday and the church on a Sunday. The two religious institutions were selected due to their diverse styles of worship. It is important to understand the various…
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The Islamic Association of Raleigh and First Presbyterian Church
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Extract of sample "The Islamic Association of Raleigh and First Presbyterian Church"

Download file to see previous pages I was eager to find out the similarities and the differences in the mode of worship, contents of their summons and how they address various critical issues facing the community such as security.
Worship at First Presbyterian Church is based of several religious facets. They include actions that put the word of God as the principal reference. Some of these actions are; proclaiming the word of God, acting around the word, sealing the world and also spreading the word to non-believers.
The First Presbyterian Church regards prayer as the most important avenue through which communication with God is done. Several prayer sessions are created during the session. The church believes that prayer brings the Holy Spirit closer to the congregation and there is high possibility that their needs and problems will be heard and determined.
The service entails regular periods of song worship. The church believes that song unites the congregation in common prayer session where the Holy Spirit can descend to each one of them. Most songs are extracted from designated hymn books.
The worship songs in the hymn books are categorized into several parts and applied depending on the part of the service. There are prayer songs, praise songs, thanksgiving songs and also inspirational songs. All the songs are added in order to supplement other element of the service such as prayers and preaching.
Preaching at First Presbyterian Church is based on the bible. It involves interpretation of the bible verses based on the conviction through the Holy Spirit. The message is interpreted to the congregation by a preacher through a simplified interrelation that blends with a specific situation. For example, on the 30th March, 2014, the preacher at First Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, Dr Ed McLeod, prepared a sermon on ‘Why’. The sermon was aimed at incorporating the scriptures and real-life situation. The preacher gave real life scenarios that improve the quality of the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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