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Architecture corresponding with the time period - Research Paper Example

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Student’s Four important church buildings The Columbian early churches designs were mostly influenced by Romanesque and Gothic types of architecture. Romanesque architecture refers to an architectural style that characterized the Medieval Europe marked by constructions with semi-circular arches…
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Architecture corresponding with the time period
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Download file to see previous pages Good examples of Romanesque as well as Gothic architectural styles can be found in many nations of the West, thus for Romanesque it is referred to as the first pan-European style of design since the then much adored Imperial Roman Architecture. Trinity Episcopal Church Trinity Episcopal Church which is currently referred to as Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, is the very first Episcopal and one of the treasured sanctuaries in Columbia, South Carolina. Trinity Episcopal Church, a Gothic Revival church which was modeled in regard to York Minster located in York, England. The church was consecrated on February 14, 1857 by Bishop Gadsden. The architecture of the church According to Maxey (67-71), the church was essentially designed to bear resemblance to medieval York Minster by Edward Brickell White. The foundation block was laid by Peter Shand, the rector on November 26, 1845. Despite the church having a cruciform design, the construction was only effected as shown by the construction of twin towers and the nave. Each of the towers was constructed with eight pinnacles and at the top placed a fleur de lis. The nave has a clerestory, thus making it the only church in Columbia with it. The roof structure of the Gothic Revival church is supported by exposed wooden beams. ...
During the early years of Confederacy, that is 1861 and 1862, an apsidal chancel and the transepts were built under the supervision of Edward Brickell White. As an honor to Dr. Peter Shand, a stained-glass window was in chancel in 1890. Additions to the building that came in the later years encompassed choir stalls, Jardine chancel organ, the eagle lectern, choir stalls, a choir room as well as the pulpit. First Presbyterian Church The first religious meetings of the Presbyterian Church that were held in 1795 took place with no church building in place as the congregation did not have a church building of their own. They used to meet on the campus of South Carolina College and South Carolina State House until 1813 when the legislature of the South Carolina incorporated the church as the First Presbyterian Church in the city of Columbia. Although the church building constructed in 1813 is still in use, it is now solely used as a church hall and is known as Jackson Hall. A modern and larger structure of English Gothic was built in 1854. The original building of 180-foot was destroyed in a hurricane even though it survived burning during the matching of Sherman to the sea. It was rebuilt latter in 1888. The damage inflicted to the spire by fire prompted its rebuilding in 1910 to stand at eight feet tall. In 1925, the building was again remodeled in order to increase its capacity to 1,250 from 800 feet thus beneficially increasing the building’s length by 40 feet. The current locality where the church stands was a shared cemetery between 1794 and 1813 with the local congregation of the Episcopal Church. The land as well as the cemetery was given out to be shared between the Presbyterians and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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