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Prophets - Essay Example

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Hosea as a name means salvation probably a reference to the position of Hosea in Israel like an inspiration to individuals who will repent and return to God from his message…
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Extract of sample "Prophets"

Download file to see previous pages This shows that he stayed between 755Bc to 715Bc making a modern day prophet Micah and Isaiah. Hosea channeled his early part of his warnings to king Jeroboam 2, one amongst the many from Jehu’s house. As the prophecy against Jeroboam’s descendants involved Hosea’s children birth, it can be finalized that he existed in the north kingdom where his children’s naming would have great impact.
Compared to other prophets, Hosea linked the information he relayed with is private life. Through marrying a lady he forecasted to deceive his trust and naming his children names that directed judgment message to Israel, his prophetic word moved from his family life. The repentance cycle, restoration and redemption evident in the prophecy of Hosea and his marriage remained closely attached to our daily lives. The sequence plays in real people’s lives, reminding them that the bible is a collection of statements related to real life situation and not mere abstracts. The scriptures have their way in our daily existence touching on issues that have got impact on all our relationships and action.
Built around five phases of restoration and judgment, Hosea brings out the clarity on the repetitious theme that as much as God will pronounce judgment on man’s sinful nature, he will ever reconcile his people with himself. God is Israel’s love, a people’s nation where they are mostly interested in their lifestyle than in direction of God for their living. They shine via clarity against their injustice and idolatry darkness. (Dearman, pp.334). Through the book of Hosea, the prophet of God viewed the people of Israel giving God their backs and going to other gods. The inclination towards idolatry insinuated that these people lived a life that contradicted God’s ways. Moreover, during the Lo-Ammi’s birth, who was Hosea’s third child, God promised to restore his relationship with Israel. God used the personal and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prophets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Prophets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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