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Ministry Integration Project - Research Paper Example

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The demanding nature of seminary engagements are the core reasons for the happening. For a pastor to be viewed as healthy or successful, he needs to have…
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Ministry Integration Project
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Download file to see previous pages This act of modeling Christ Jesus in our own personal lives can serve as the strongest witness over whatever is preached in the pulpit. On the other hand, a single pastor is the symbol of integrity and celibacy in the presence of too many temptations in the world. That said, a married pastor that experiences chaos in his family life will act as a bad influence and at the same time be destructive to the congregation that they are ministering to and hence hinder his role and purpose as the Lord’s witness to the rest of the world.
Pastor’s and to the larger extent Christians ought to have it together in their personal and family lives so as to act as a good example to the rest of the population that is composed of non- believers and believers of other faiths. A chaotic pastor’s or Christian’s life will offer little incentive to the non-believer since they will not see the need to substitute their current life with a chaotic life in the name of non-believers.
A Christian leader who does not have any organized love and family relationship will not command any respect from his congregation since they will not hold him in such high regard. In the real world, families are not always perfect and this does not exclude the pastor’s family as well. There always tends to be conflict in married life. With this said, the minister always has a higher or greater responsibility to ensure that his marriage and family always tend to work even in the face of all these problems that afflict most if not every family.
The minister of the church will always have a much greater responsibility in bringing up his children in the way of the Lord and also with respect and Love. This aspect does not mean that his family is expected to be perfect, but it means that he should handle his family problems with integrity and maturity so as to end up in the end with a united family as well as a ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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