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The 2nd Vatican Council: The History - Essay Example

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The Vatican II was one of the great moments in the history of our Church. It marked a time when the Church took a look at where it was and where the world was - and sought to close the gap. The council wasn't a sudden event; years of changes in the world and years of study among Church leaders and theologians brought us all to this great moment…
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The 2nd Vatican Council: The History
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Extract of sample "The 2nd Vatican Council: The History"

Download file to see previous pages It was Cardinal Lienat of France and Cardinal Frings of Germany challenge the pre - selection of the 10 committees that will control the council's voice. When the first session of the council started the councils were not that disciplined yet. So, within the 70 projects they've proposed only one had garnered approval from its committees. It was the reformation of the liturgy or official prayer of the church. Before the second session started, Pope John XXIII died on June 3, 1963. Immediately after his death the 2nd Vatican Council was nowhere to go. They don't know what to do next step. But it was Cardinal Montini was well known favored by Pope John XXIII before he died. He adopted the name of Paul VI. He then eased the tension and worries of the Council members and began the second session. Two documents were approved during that time. It was the study of the church's nature and second, the study of how it relates to the modern world. Another program was approved during the session was the agreement on a new attitude of friendship with non - Catholic Christians and the acknowledgement of the positive content of the other major religious. Third session started On September 14 -
November 21 in the fall of 1964. ...
No new documents were approved during this session. The fifth and final session was the most industriously productive of all the session. During this session 11 documents were approved. It includes the 30,000 word review of the Church and its role in the world. It also did include revolutionary statements on Jews and members of other religious faith. After the fifth session the council was closed. But the Church under the leadership of two courageous Popes had taken steps to adapt to the modern world. What were these changes they have adapted How radical were they Would they have an effect on the Church in its day - to - day activities I'll try answering these questions one at a time.
The momentum behind the Church's ongoing renewal can be found in the teachings of Vatican II. And one common teaching they have taught us was Ministry transformation. It's common today seeing lay women and men assisting the Mass as Eucharistic ministers. These and other lay liturgical ministers - ushers, greeters, lectors and music ministries - are visible reminders of the wide variety of laypeople who minister within the Church. Some serve as catechists or youth ministers, others as hospital chaplains, bereavement ministers, administrators of priestless parishes and outreach workers. At the same time their roles are growing, we are experiencing a decline in the number of ordained ministries. The Holy Spirit is clearly leading us to a more inclusive model of Church in which we recognize the need for both lay and ordained ministries to make the work of the Church complete. Women are among those becoming more engaged in Church ministry today, though many believe that their potential has
not been fully realized. What full ministry for women should mean is a sensitive question requiring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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