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Christian Stewardship and Sustainability - Essay Example

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The basics of Christian stewardship from the ecological perspective tells us that the concept is about trusting in the theory that everything belongs to God and for all purposes, the resources that we have been blessed with should be used in the service of God. …
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Christian Stewardship and Sustainability
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The concepts of stewardship require such a living approach that persuades desirable qualities of an individual and enjoys the harmony of living with unity. For instance, in stewardship the use of excessive resources like water, forests soil, wildlife and etc is prohibited or at least most likely to be avoided at its best. The word stewardship is mostly understood as a type of responsible and answerable management pattern and practice where the points of sustainability and quality of the environment are considered as the key area to focus on (Worrell, and Michael 263). Our notion of stewardship comes from biblical creation theology, distributed throughout the Bible but most visible in Genesis, the Psalms, and the Wisdom literature of ancient Israel (Butkus 19)

It can be said that stewardship is just not a way of living; in fact it is better to be taken as a good way of living or an approach to better way of life. The starting and ending idea of stewardship lies in belongings to God. And on the other hand the theory of keeping everything in a moderate situation prevails in the ecological concepts of sustainability without damaging the productive rate of the society. Few of the best examples of sustainability are the forests that have been there from a long time with no harm. Sustainability is not only a matter of self interest for the communal societies of human being but they also consist of questions against the fundamental values of earth and other species besides humans. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Christian Stewardship and Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Christian Stewardship and Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Christian Stewardship and Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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