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The Propper Sexual Relationship Between Members of the Hebrew Society - Essay Example

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The paper "The Propper Sexual Relationship Between Members of the Hebrew Society" states that the sexual rules and regulations in the old testament are most times considered too impractical or too strict that they are impossible to live by especially in the modern world today. …
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The Propper Sexual Relationship Between Members of the Hebrew Society
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Extract of sample "The Propper Sexual Relationship Between Members of the Hebrew Society"

In the Bible's Old Testament, there are many guidelines that guide the Hebrews. In the Song of Solomon, the Shulamite woman at times and even the male that she talks about have no regard for these rules and are guided by their love and they're desire for each other without regards for these rules whatsoever. The Shulamite woman goes out into the city to look for her lover and it is not indicated anywhere that the two of them could be married. There is openness about sexual relations that are in the Song of Songs that seem to be forbidden in the Deuteronomy (International Version, 2011).
First in Deuteronomy the man is given so much importance rather than the female. The female expresses her desires openly while this is almost forbidden in Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy advocates for sexual modest. Deuteronomy 25;11-12 says that "if two men fight and a wife belonging to one party come to the rescue her beloved husband from the wrath of his assailant. She then reaches out and, unfortunately, seizes him by his private parts then her hand should be cut off and be shown no pity. In songs of songs, the stalagmite expresses her desires openly without any shame. The man is of more importance while sexual encounters in Deuterostome and the woman is considered as an object who must obey the man and do as he wishes without any regard for her feelings or desires. Avoiding mentioning the woman opinion is made. In the Song of Songs, however, the woman is very open about her feelings and might be considered very wild and probably unsuitable for marriage in the traditional Hebrew community. The Shula mite goes in search of her lover when he disappears.
Songs of Solomon 8: 1O thou that wert just as one of my brother that sucked the breast of my mother ‘when should find thee without would kiss three-year, I should not be despised’. It could be assumed that indeed the man royalty the stalagmite looks for is her brother. Royal rank and splendor are grown wearisome. The king also once called her sister and sister bride. Would he be indeed to be her brother? This may be considered as incest and this in Leviticus 20;17 is punishable by death by getting burnt. The Shula mite adores the subject of her desires and her feelings are also reciprocated by her lover and it might so happen that they may be siblings who suckled from the same breast. This is clearly outlawed in the Old Testament.
The sexual rules and regulations in the old testament are most times considered too impractical or too strict that they are impossible to live by especially in the modern world today. The Shulamite woman is not restricted by these rules and does not care for them. She expresses her feeling such as adoration for her lover in a manner that is foreign to the Hebrews and their laws. The lover in return also expresses his feelings for the woman publicly and describes her beauty and good qualities very openly to the public.
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