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Valentine's Catholic Mass ritual - Essay Example

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Based on what I observed concerning Valentine’s Day ritual, its connection with course’s material encompasses strengthening the Roman Church’s intention in instituting this particular day. The day mostly made for expressing of affection and love among those in any kind of…
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Valentines Catholic Mass ritual
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Extract of sample "Valentine's Catholic Mass ritual"

Valentines Catholic Mass ritual How what you observed connects with material so far (dimensions of religion) Basedon what I observed concerning Valentine’s Day ritual, its connection with course’s material encompasses strengthening the Roman Church’s intention in instituting this particular day. The day mostly made for expressing of affection and love among those in any kind of relationship not specifically marriage alone. Hence, this aligns with other numerous practical and ritual practices, which the church like any other religion or denomination has created to enhance the theme of love. This is especially among its adherents besides creating an appropriate day when people could think of love and how to express it. Hence, emphasizing the intention of ritual in every denomination or religion meant to pass on message not only to that religion’s adherents but also other people who may intend to have that experience. This is because universal love practically has no bounds especially if expressed from humanity’s point of view.
Another connection encompasses asserting the essence of ritual in all religions or denominations leave alone that day’s attached essence. This implies that day in the calendar of a certain religion serves the purpose of togetherness as people observe it dutifully with the intention of enhancing its theme as well as bring people of same like mindedness and spirituality together. The connection between my observations and class’ materials encompasses an already set formula instituted in such a way to ensure it not only occurs at that day but continues even in the time to come. Hence, continuance of a tradition mostly associated with religions evident in the way people usually observe it each year.
Reflects on the role of this ritual and connected doctrine to peoples lives and experience
The essence of this role based on church encompasses arousing love in marriages and troubled relationships. Hence, ensure continuance of love especially in the institution of marriage which according to any religion is a sacred union. Based on my opinion, the day serves as remembrance of those troubled lovers to draw attention to people in any form of relationship, for instance, in a family setting. In terms religion’s doctrine and its connection with people, this particular day serves as a time meant to invoke celestial intervention for lovers through the aid of St. Valentine. This comprises one part of religion’s doctrinal practices whose core role is to draw people together to enjoy having that feeling of connection as well as experiencing celestial communion though on earth. Celestial experience, which in most cases involves spirituality, encompasses invoking the concerned saint to intercede for troubled lovers as well as other people suffering without being shown affection.
In addition, this ritual arouses love among people besides compelling them to commune in enjoying the experience of showing affection as dictated by the church. It carrying the doctrine of the church whose continuance would reach numerous generations as along as the world exists because invoking that day’s particular saint who seems to be so close to troubled lovers will continue for long. Hence, establish a strong connection between humanity and the Supreme Being through observance of an instituted doctrinal ritual by the church. Read More
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(Valentine'S Catholic Mass Ritual Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Valentine'S Catholic Mass Ritual Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Valentine'S Catholic Mass Ritual Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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