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It is the valentine day and is characterized by affection, love and exchange of gifts. However, not all Valentine date do flourish as narrated by some of the people. Some experiences traumatic events instead of…
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Valentine February 14 is celebrated around the world as a day of romance. It is the valentine day and is characterized byaffection, love and exchange of gifts. However, not all Valentine date do flourish as narrated by some of the people. Some experiences traumatic events instead of romance. Many women like men have their good and bad moments on Valentine date.
Nelly Brash a 22 years student from Canterbury College had her worst Valentine date this year. She got a gift of membership in a Slimming Club in her town (London, 2015). Nelly being an athletic, and a rugby player felt this was an absurd gift and a lack of appreciation from her date. She expected more appreciation than a disappointment from her best friend. Nelly said that being athletic make her stronger. She says that it is her choice to be a sportswoman, and she expects her lover to motivate and not to disappoint (London, 2015). Nelly says that she was astonished by her date to offer a gift suggesting she cut on her weight (London, 2015). Nelly said that that a membership card to a Slimming club was the least she expected on a Valentine date. She always imagined that her friend likes and support her involvement in sports; however, she was disgusted. It is out of this anger and lack of respect that she decided to end their relationship (London, 2015).
Katie Ford a 33 years old business woman had a worst experience on a Valentines Day (London, 2015). Ford like many other ladies knew that she was to have a romantic time for many years after she broke up with her boyfriend at the age of 26 years. For the years she had Valentine date, Ford had appreciated the company of her date, but not this time. As usual she waited patiently for her date to pick her and drive to town. Her date came on time, and they headed for the party. However, this time she experienced a traumatic encounter after she and her date had to part ways. That evening they went to buy drinks, but they changed the plan and stayed in the restaurant. Her date started drinking, and they talked of a better future. She was promised so many things and could not afford to resist him. Ford though hesitant agreed to let him have a chance. Their romantic time did not last long as they Fords date got too drunk. He started fighting with strangers and police were called to calm him down. When police arrived, they arrested Ford’s lover even after she begged for his release. The police had no other choice but to arrest the unruly man and booked him overnight. Ford was so disappointed in his friend behaviour and was forced to walk home alone. She says she walked in the dark alone something she had never experienced in her life. Ford said that she had the worst date of her life. She broke up with him the following morning.
London, B., 2015. A slimming club membership, an extortionate restaurant bill and a date who got ARRESTED! Seven women remember their worst ever Valentines Day. [Online]
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