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How does God heal today Compare and contrast Christian approaches to wholeness and healing - Essay Example

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Health is the ever-changing states of a person or a society’s well being of mental, economic, physical, political, social and spiritual, it encompasses the well-being…
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How does God heal today Compare and contrast Christian approaches to wholeness and healing
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Extract of sample "How does God heal today Compare and contrast Christian approaches to wholeness and healing"

Download file to see previous pages Coming in wholeness, with God Himself, was one way of bringing good health to your life. The Lord sent some Prophets to bring healing to the people. Miracles from God were rampant and obeying the Lord would bring healing.
Reading the story of Jesus, it is notable that the most outstanding course of action he took, apart from teaching about the kingdom of the lord, greatly involved into the act of healing. He healed many people from the lame, blind to other members of the society who had leprosy. He healed people suffering from physical illness to those suffering from mental and spiritual illnesses, as well. He responded to people’s needs by offering healing and restoring wholeness to people’s lives.
The Lord himself, Jesus Christ, performed a lot of healing through miracles. In the 2nd century BC, St Ignatius became the first priest who described the Eucharist as the medicine of immortality. A 4th century Christian apologist and poet, Prudentius, celebrated St Cyprian’s tongue’s healing power. The 15th century legendary, Bokenham, reported St Agatha’s healing power that came from the milk of her breasts (Wilkinson, 1998, p42). In the 19th century Natal, Zulu’s prophets petitioned Jesus to cured diseases that were caused by restless spirits. Mary Baker Eddy came up with the Science of Divine Mind as a weapon against harmful animal magnetism. Healing has played a vital role in the development of Christianity as a religion. The history of healing, in Christianity, can be mapped through transformation in the ancient, medieval and modern times. Initially, healing of sickness and disease had its origin from the Judean belief that the latter came from or linked to evil and sin. They believed that the cure lied on prayer and repentance to earn Gods favor and divine forgiveness (Wilkinson, 1998, p68).
Jesus’ activities that portrayed Jesus as an exorcist and a healer included his disciples carrying his combat against evil and sin and the manner in which ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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