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Assignment 1 - Essay Example

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In New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G, The first chapters explores the first century historical, social and economic background conditions of the gentiles by trying to give readers an understanding of how the New Testament came to existence. In addition it also points to…
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Assignment 1
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New Testament Survey New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G In New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G, The first chapters explores the first century historical, social and economic background conditions of the gentiles by trying to give readers an understanding of how the New Testament came to existence. In addition it also points to numerous practices like the judaistic practices that existed during the century and the hardship that gentiles passed through to be recognized as part of the people of God. Chapter two and three gives a description of the quantity that the New Testament has by giving emphasis to the gospels chapters in the book
The first four chapter of New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G explains that for one to have a good understanding of the New Testament, one should have knowledge of the last years which characterized Israel as a kingdom. In addition, questions which were not answered in the New Testament are pointed out to exist in the six centuries before Jesus Christ in the chapter. The chapter acts as a reference to the New Testament books in the bible as it relates various happenings that were missed by both the new and Old Testament. It gives a chart of intertestamental history that is extremely important for those who wishes to have a clear understanding of the New Testament.
The chapters points out to the differences in how individuals view the new testament by fixing in different passages and harmonizing it to the reader. The chapters gives a clear historical context to the new testament as it lays individuals emphasis on different books that are needed for one to understand the new testament. Moreover, the chapters also have in them pictures and charts that give core emphasis to the facts presented by the New Testament.
However, in my opinion, the first four chapters in New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G are written in a conservative position as other individuals in the society do not take the same stand as the author of the book. The chapters are written in a fundamentalist position as the writings on the chapters are based on tradition rather than scholarship.
The first four chapters discounts the synoptic gospels and other religious books like the Koran, thus the chapters does not take into consideration the views and beliefs of other scholars in the society who have an intention of reading the book. The chapters are also written to harmonize the gospels as the writings on the chapters are extensive. Therefore, it acts as study bible when the bible parts that are included and the chapters are excluded.
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(Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6)
Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
“Assignment 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6”, n.d.
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