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Differentiate between Ordained Local Ministry and Licensed Lay Ministry in the Church of England today. What theology underpins the distinctions - Essay Example

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The church has been very influential in matters of the state. It has components that together make it functional; these are mainly the followers and the clergy. The church has an Anglican background…
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Differentiate between Ordained Local Ministry and Licensed Lay Ministry in the Church of England today. What theology underpins the distinctions
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Extract of sample "Differentiate between Ordained Local Ministry and Licensed Lay Ministry in the Church of England today. What theology underpins the distinctions"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the underlying theological perspectives shall be discussed. Despite the differences that are available among these ministries the purpose that they pursue in based on the doctrines of the Bible. Therefore, the difference that exists between these two ministries is geared towards complementing each other.
The ordained local ministry (OLM) is a national movement that comprises of clergy that have been ordained but have opted to serve church at a local level. The individual intending to join should firstly inform the Bishop in that diocese that further informs the Director of Ordinands at Parish. The parish gets the mandate to review the individual’s request and make a decision whether to allow or disallow. There are diverse criteria that are considered before one can pass this stage. In particular, patterns of worship, problem solving, teamwork, leadership among other values are considered before one can be considered for the position. To prevent any conspiracy, whenever the Bishop wants to leave or retire, it is unacceptable for them to propose an individual into the ministry (Dewar 2000).
On the other hand, the licensed lay ministry (LLM) is a ministry in the church that allows individuals that are not ordained to take part in church work. They are from any background, most of them having responded to a call from God to serve the church in various capacities. Once the individuals have heeded to the call of service, they are trained in theology and given the opportunity to serve the church. Their main assignments in the church range from pastoral assistance, evangelical work, leading in worship, teaching, preaching as well as liturgy work. However, they can engage in other activities according to their talents and the needs of the church. These individuals are not ordained hence; the scope of services is limited to some extent (Etchells 1995).
The ordained local ministry puts much emphasis on the local situations in ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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