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Jewish Sabbath Laws and the Practice of Jesus - Thesis Example

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The relevance of Sabbath keeping and Jesus’ interpretations of Jewish law have been a bone of contention for centuries. Many people believe that Jesus…
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Jewish Sabbath Laws and the Practice of Jesus
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Extract of sample "Jewish Sabbath Laws and the Practice of Jesus"

Download file to see previous pages Evidently, Jesus found nothing unusual about partaking in the religious and cultural practices of his community, and what made the difference was that the strict legalistic interpretation and the practice of the law was not his prime objective when adhering to the Jewish law. Referring to the views of Giorgio Jossa, Stuart argues that there existed a distinct difference in Jesus’ teaching and it was partial regarding the practice of Sabbath. The author points out that Jesus’ views were distinct and unique from those of others in terms of keeping laws (145-147).
Most people consider the Sabbath as the day on which Jews refrain from all sorts of work so as to comply with God’s law. However, in real sense (though often undermined), Sabbath is a day of great joy, celebration and rest rather than a day for learning the rules and keeping them. In other words, it is a day on which the Jews can relax being with family, study, pray, and reflect. The Hebrew word Shabbat actually means “rest”. According to Torah, which is the main source of information on Sabbath laws, the celebration of Sabbath intends the remembrance of two important events; the creation of the world and the Israel’s liberation from Egypt. These two events indeed are the central aspects of the Jewish belief, and according to the tradition, people ought to remember those events avoiding all kinds of usual activities.
Admittedly, the day is more important than a normal holiday, and hence the restrictions on activities on the Sabbath are also a bit stricter. The prohibited activities include but not limited to cooking, washing clothes, building, mending, writing, cutting, making a fire, fishing, climbing trees. Obviously, many of the listed activities need extensive interpretation to figure out what they actually stand for or to what extent they are applicable in the present day religious practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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