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The Importance of Society and Related Theories According to Religions - Essay Example

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The paper describes Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism religion. All of these religions cumulatively believe in the aftermath of one’s actions. It is believed that the actions of humans in their present life have an impact on their upcoming lives. Hinduism and Jainism are particularly specific about it…
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The Importance of Society and Related Theories According to Religions
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Society and Related Theories According to Religions"

Teacher’s No. World Religions & Globalization In Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, KARMA holds a substantial value. Allof these religions cumulatively believe in after-math of one’s actions. It is believed that actions of humans in their present life have an impact on their upcoming lives. Hinduism and Jainism are particularly specific about it and take a stance that our lives/ souls are eternal that can be showing various transformations in the form of other living things whereas Buddhism accepts presence of soul in the form of energy. Desires/ emotions are considered as the root cause of all the sins in all three religions which makes it difficult to acquire LIBERATION. It is illustrated in their teachings that giving up worldly desires would result in eternal peace and harmony resulting in alleviation of the soul.
For Shinto, Confucianism and Taoism, HARMONY AND SUPREMACY, act as the fundamental foundations of their beliefs. All three religions believe that world/ nature is supposed to follow a rhythmic cycle which brings harmony into lives on earth. It is the digression from this cycle which results in emergence of evil and good. Furthermore, they also recognize the presence of a supreme power that can be a God, Gods (as per various sects) or rulers of the land who are bestowed with powers to bring harmony and peace on their lands.
Islam, Christianity and Judaism are mainly recognized by MONOTHEISM and PHROPHECY. Presence of one God is the fundamental belief of these religions which makes them highly distinctive than other religions. However, Jews have THEIR own ONE GOD, Christians believe that Jesus was the God on earth walking as a human but Islam believes that God relates to everyone irrespective of who he is and treats everyone equally but judge them on the basis of their actions. All three religions have figures that were prophets of their times i.e. Judaism had Noah and Moses, Christianity had Jesus and Islam recognizes Muhammad. Where Islam is the last religion acknowledging monotheism, it also recognizes prophets of the other two religions. Other than holy books, lives of these prophets also act as the guidelines which the followers of these religions are expected to follow.
Careful analysis of these religions would reveal that all of them support the tolerance and respect for other individuals. This is where the concept of respect for life and its forms (human, plants and animals) and a clear distinction between good and evil emerges. All of them support the notion that every evil or bad deed meets punishment at the end. If these concepts are examined in the light of present trends of global trade, one can see that the world is shrinking and has transformed into a global village ensuring maximum access of nations to each other. Acknowledgment of diversity and respecting it has become a gist of corporate culture which also behaves as the fundamental belief in many religions. One can predict that 100 years from now, religion will not be related to spirituality only; in fact it will be defining the lifestyles of humans and their treatment of nature and those around them. Although some people may recognize the importance of society and related theories in doing so but unconsciously they will be adhering to the teachings of these religions. Read More
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The Importance of Society and Related Theories According to Religions Essay.
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