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Explain the function of religion (e.g from a sociological, pychological and anthropological perspective). Can the relationship between religion and magic be seen as dangerous - Essay Example

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However, generally religion is defined as a link of the human beings to spirituality by believing in something which he has not seen but yet has faith that it exists. The world has…
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Explain the function of religion (e.g from a sociological, pychological and anthropological perspective). Can the relationship between religion and magic be seen as dangerous
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Extract of sample "Explain the function of religion (e.g from a sociological, pychological and anthropological perspective). Can the relationship between religion and magic be seen as dangerous"

Download file to see previous pages Religion is supposed to define the way of living of a society.
. The sociological functions of religion are far more than that could be written in words and explained. Religions serve in a society by affecting the life style of a mere individual and by affecting a whole society. Religion is supposed to be a key stone in a society on which the whole society exists and survives. Different religions serve as a form of identity for the societies of the world. They define the way of living and provide order to a society. “The ten Commandments” given to Moses served as a source through which the followers of that particular religion defined their way of living. However, religions are supposed to have both positive and negative impacts in a society. As man is considered as both the creator and the creation of society, religions is supposed to take away the supposed freedom from the man that allows him to rule this world in his own way. According to some people with a different mindset, religion is thought to create a social conflict by oppressing the people in the society and creating illusions to ease pain (Leming 1998). However this role of religion has not been accepted by a major group of people who consider religion as a source of harmony.
Whether from a same region or not, from the same ethnicity or not, people of the same religion get together at specific times. This allows them to get to know each other properly and make the bond between them more and more strong. Christmas, Hajj and many other religious festivals are such examples when people from around the world get together at one place, families reunite; friends meet and enjoy the company of each other. Religions are solely responsible for such happenings which serve as an important factor in the strength of a society.
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