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Religion and sociology go hand in hand nowadays. From sociological perspective it is possible to interpret a phenomenon of religion, describe its different…
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Social Organization of Religion
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Download file to see previous pages What does it mean to be religious nowadays? Why do we need to go to church, or in what other ways is it possible to confirm one’s aspiration to be a religious person? From the perspective of sociologists all answers to these questions can be found in the ordinary behavior of people in their daily lives. For example, it is ordinary for people to follow behaviors of others. Thus, they follow other people’s beliefs and religious is a favorable basis for unification of people. Moreover, it performs a pacifying function in the society; it instills hope in people’s hearts and exerts much more positive influence on individuals. Nevertheless, there are negative outcomes of religion, when people are involved in different sectarian developments or when they are ready to give all their money to churches for charity. Religion has exceeded its limits as of a spiritual basis for people’s development. It turned into a global machine, which requires people’s money for fake hopes and beliefs. A sociological root of religion is presented to people on TV or in the magazines, online or broadcast on radio. Still, no one knows where to find the truth and what is the real essence of the modern religion.
Group spirit of religion can be interpreted from the perspective of humanity’s desire to be together with other people and follow a so-called spirit of herd. Sociological aspect of religion can clarify numerous aspects of this global phenomenon. For example, religion is often correlated with supernatural phenomena and people are often afraid of unknown. Thus, their belief in God is often considered to be a strong power, which helps them living their lives. Moreover, there is an evident blending of real phenomena and imaginative divinities. A real life of humans is compared with the lives in the Heaven or Hell. Social events and phenomena are correlated with religious practices and religious followers explicate their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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