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Organization and religion - Essay Example

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In much the same way that a business or a firm is unable to develop a degree of cohesion without a strong level of organization, religion exhibits the very same traits. Taking Christianity as a case in point, one can quickly realize that the rise of the early Catholic Church,…
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Organization and religion
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"Organization and religion"

Download file to see previous pages ligion have been the result of an effective organization/or ineffective management.1 Naturally, one cannot blame organization and cohesion upon all the different branches of religion that exist; however, understanding the role that organization plays in defining and effectively constraining the responses and approaches of believers goes a very long way in helping the individual to understand the powerful and dynamic role that organization has within religion.
A secondary way through which organization can be seen as having a powerful impact upon religion is with regards to doctrine. For instance, considering the case of Islam, core doctrines stipulate the attitudes and behavior that proper Muslims should exhibit to one another and to the outside world. In a matter speaking, the organizational constraints that are oftentimes adopted by religious organizations have to do with the risen or canonical laws that are the result of a particular holy book, relics, or prophecy. In such a way, these written approaches oftentimes are uniquely similar to the way in which a business entity operates under a set of guidelines and standard operating procedures. Without these procedures and guidelines, the business would not have a grounding or anchor with respect to the way in which to engage and understand the situations that present themselves within the day-to-day interactions that take place. Similarly, without a level of doctrine and written belief that creates a distinct aspects of cohesion within the believing communities, religious organizations would lack the same qualities that have been previously described with respect to the business world.
From the information that is thus far been engaged, it is clear and apparent that organization plays a prominent and extraordinarily important role with respect to the way in which religious conviction and practice is carried out.2 Although this has only been analyzed with respect to the major world religions of Islam and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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