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Prejudice - Essay Example

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Prejudice like other human feelings and emotions is ingrained in the human psyche, and has evolved with the caveman and is still inherent in the resident of the penthouse. Prejudice is a universal phenomenon…
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Extract of sample "Prejudice"

Prejudice. Prejudice like other human feelings and emotions is ingrained in the human psyche, and has evolved with the caveman and is still inherent in the resident of the penthouse. Prejudice is a universal phenomenon. From the onset I would proceed with the thesis that on the one hand and in certain set of circumstances I am the perpetrator of prejudice and on the other hand and in certain other set of circumstances I am the victim of the same prejudice. I come to the point without wasting or mincing any words because of the limited scope afforded to me. To simplify matters the essay is divided into two parts and is written in the first person.
Writer 2
Prejudice Back Home:
Pakistan is a closed society. Though much has changed much more needs to be done to ameliorate the situation of the common man. I say so because the feudal structure of Pakistani society has a direct bearing on the issue of prejudice.
The caste system has been a part and parcel of the life in the sub-continent, and it is this caste system which is the main root of prejudice in our society. This system has a firm hierarchy. The (tribal and/or the feudal) lord at the top of the rung and the rest of the society below him__ the kamis (workers, servants, labor whatever you may call them). It may sound a bit ridiculous but it is a fact that even in the twenty first century, the kami (the workers) whatever his age and status in the society in general can not sit in front of the lord and if the lord asks him to sit he does not sit on the chair but instead on the ground. And not long ago it was the privilege of the lord to spend the first night with the bride of his kami.
Prejudice American Style.
The above are some instances of prejudice in Pakistan. Now I narrate, instance of prejudice in which I the lord only after a flight of eighteen hours become a victim of prejudice in the form of racial and/or other discriminations. Something I was not aware of while I stayed in my own country lording over my servants.
Writer 3
But in America I am the victim of prejudice on a daily basis, whether in the class room, the work place or on the street or in a shop or eatery. The whites look down upon me, and I am the target of their uncalled for taunts and jibes because of my ethnicity, the color of my skin and in some cases because of my religion denomination.
So the tables are completely turned. In a different time zone I am no more the lord but the kami. Though, of course, the prejudice me against is not that prominent as it is in my country but it can not be denied that it is as prevalent here as back home. Read More
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