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 This research paper deals with the issues of prejudice, racism, and discrimination. It is very important for the modern individuals to be tolerant and patient persons otherwise it is impossible to live under conditions of a global society and a global world. …
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Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages A development of an individual depends on many external factors. People are caught in the cruel web of prejudice, discrimination, and racism. These are three very strong factors, which pervert a perception of other people in a pejorative manner. Prejudice shapes perverted attitudes of one group people to another and discrimination shapes inappropriate behaviors from one group of people to another. On the background of this type of artificially cruel attitudes of one group of people to another, it is very difficult for ethnic minority groups, elderly people, religious groups, and others to experience a constant oppression of the dominant groups. It is necessary to take into account different types of behaviors and outline potential impacts of prejudiced behavior, racism or discrimination in order to find out potential psychological hazards both for the oppressors and the oppressed people. The psychological impact of prejudices, racism, and discrimination All these three factors lead to psychological and emotional distress. Racism is reflected in the society in the following way: it may cause shame or lead to guilt. Individuals, who are prejudiced persons, feel anxiety, and helplessness has connected a feeling of a strong confusion around racism’s related issues. Discrimination leads to a feeling of discomfort. An individual can feel a social inconvenience or as if they are out of sorts. A high degree of tension leads to a moral ambivalence. Very often prejudiced individuals while thinking in a perverted manner of others hide their own psychological problems or challenges. Therefore, reflections of these types of attitudes or behavior are a projection of problematic emotions and feelings on other people. Psychiatric disorders can be diagnosed among people, who express their negative and prejudiced attitudes or behaviors toward others. In accordance with the modern researchers and studies, many negative psychological impacts make a person feel lonely and very often they are prevented from a proper functioning in the society. Anxiety as a negative consequence of discrimination has been revealed by Utsey, Mccarthy, Eubanks & Adrian (2002), who underline that racial antagonism intensifies negative emotions among people. They underline that “racism is driven by the underlying anxiety that is associated with a person's difficulty in tolerating that which is dissimilar and the inability to resist attempts to control or dominate individuals who are perceived as being different” (Utsey, Mccarthy, Eubanks & Adrian 2002, p. 82). Moreover, Blacks, who are the victims of racism, very often feel a serious impact on their self-esteem. Racism is often used as a means of artificial strength practiced by a person, who uses racist practices on other people, who are perceived in a perverted manner.  The roots of prejudice can be found in subconscious attitudes leading a person to inadequate feelings for others. A low self-esteem leads people to inappropriate perceptions of other people. The modern society presents numerous challenges and modern media obtrudes perverted images and stereotypes on people. This is an external factor, which intensifies prejudice, racism or discrimination. Very often following prejudices is an integrative part of one’s social life, because in case a family or friends develop their behaviors in accordance with certain prejudices, not to accept them mean to delay the closes people.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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