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Climatic Variability in the Old Testament - Essay Example

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In the paper “Climatic Variability in the Old Testament” the author analyzes the famous Bible story of Joseph being sold by his envious brothers to Egypt, which starts one of the early experiences of humans regarding climate change…
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Climatic Variability in the Old Testament
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Extract of sample "Climatic Variability in the Old Testament"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, people before accounted too much of climate changes more to the works of the gods rather than to scientific explanations.
So what is climatic variability? Probably, the most efficient way for us to understand the topic is to look first of all to the definition of this episode. According to J. Murray Mitchell (482), climatic system is the combination of atmosphere, oceans, land surface, ice masses and the biosphere interacting with each other, causing the changes either physically or chemically. In the physical aspect of the change, rainfalls can cause landslides that could change hills to plains and could also bring much water to rivers and seas which could wash away land areas. On the contrary, mountains can be created through the meeting of tectonic plates, pushing each other and making a fold on each other’s surface (Grimm, Hahn, Hellenbrand, Kunkele, Laumanns & Leinburger 214). Chemically speaking, lands can become acidic through acid rains and other chemical changes brought about by the increase of carbon dioxide production. This then requires us, human beings to be interested to the study of such phenomenon because it does not just affect our environment but affects our lives directly as well.
One of the greatest climatic variability that happened in the 1930’s is the so-called Dust Bowl in the United States that affected not only the farmers of affected areas but the people worldwide. This could have been the modern picture of the Joseph story mentioned earlier. Hopeful migrants settled in the states where there were vast plains which were very productive for the raising of wheat, making these states the primary sources of food during the First World War. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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