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The Crusades - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of the paper "The Crusades" aims to analyze the Crusades which were the numerous wars fought between Christian groups and non-Christians. They were often fought against Muslims from the establishment of the 4th Century to the 15th Century…
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The Crusades
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Extract of sample "The Crusades"

Download file to see previous pages Islam from present day Pakistan to Morocco and from the base of Turkey down to East Africa. This made Islam a threat to Christianity since there was a chance that Muslim invaders will spread their Jihads into European lands that were considered Christian at that time.Carl Erdmann points out that 11th Century reforms in the Church were the main cause of the First Crusade sanctioned by the Catholic Church. This is because the reform sought to purify all elements of the European society including warriors and militants. He, therefore, explains the Crusades as an attempt by the Catholic Church to divert violence and military force towards 'sacred' activities. In March 1095, Pope Urban II sent troops to go the Eastern Church which had its headquarters at Byzantium to help them defend themselves against a Muslim invasion. In the Council of Clermont a few months after that, in November 1095, Pope Urban II called for Christian armies and warriors to be sent to Jerusalem to re-take the city of Jerusalem and establish a Christian state there.
From an analysis of the activities of the first Crusade sanctioned by Pope Urban II, it appears that there was the need for the Pope to defend the borders of Christian Europe. This seems to be a natural course of action any religious leader would have taken against the Muslim expansion. The Crusades were successful and the Christians took Jerusalem in July 1099. They set up the Syrian and Palestine Christian states and took the island of Cyprus as a security point. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Crusades Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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The Crusades

...look upon them as leaders. Above and beyond all the clout and dominance the papacy had on the people, the pouring out of gifts of devoutness was engorged by the astonishing zeal of spiritual passion into epic scope. In all these, the preeminence of papal rule and the prosperity of the Catholic Church were immensely amplified. Another aspect that was greatly developed because of the Crusades was on business and trading. A steady exigency for transportation led to the construction of ships. This widened the borders of trade, broadening the market into all of Europe. Overflowing trade goods coming from the rich lands of China and other Asian countries also found their way to Europe, therefore, building a stronger association with the...
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The Crusades retain Constantinople from the Muslims. Pope Pius died from the plague while waiting for the crusade army to arrive2. The Pope and the Catholic Church approved the Crusades’ war strategy. The main goal of the crusades was to get back access to the holy places. The Crusades had political influence over a significant part of Europe, the Western sector. The Crusades’ soldiers made a solemn vow to the Pope that they will fight for the Cross of Christ. Consequently, the Pope gave each soldier a cross. The cross symbolized the soldier as a soldier of the Church. In 1280, to ensure Muslim success over the crusade armies, Kalavun, the Muslim...
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The Crusades

...? Critical Analysis of the First Crusade as a Response to the Church Reform in the 11th Century Critical Analysis of the FirstCrusade as a Response to the Church Reform in the 11th Century Introduction The Crusades, primarily, can be considered as the European nations’ responses to the Christian authority’s call for expeditionary war against the Muslims. In response to the Christian religious authority’s call, the European nations organized themselves and led a number of invasions on the Muslim army in the Holy Land. Almost all of the crusades took place between 1095 and 1291. The Crusaders fought those wars mainly in Asia Minor and the Levant. Scholars commonly attempt to mark crusades as the Europeans’ military expeditions against...
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The Crusades Saladin

... Saladin Before Saladin came to be, there was accumulated tension among the Christians and Muslims, which led to vicious religious wars referred to as crusades. Crusades describe a series of religious expeditionary wars undertaken to fulfill a solemn vow to acquire or liberate holy lands. These were common among the Christian and Muslim forces who sought assert their claim across the land during the middle ages. Such confrontations were leader by great leaders of either side guided by religious beliefs and drive for power. Cities and towns of religious interest both to Christians and to Muslims such as Damascus and Jerusalem were often the cause of crusades. Such expeditions were undertaken in pursuance of vows taken to protect the holy...
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Quiz II The Crusades

...?The Crusades Task: Introduction The war between Christians and Muslims has been there since ages ago. This makes it hard to solve the current struggles that increase religious intolerance and hatred among the adherents of the two factions (Runciman 1987, p.176). Despite the role of today’s leaders to strike harmony in the two religions, it is still impossible because during the earlier crusades popes and bishops killed others for domination. First Crusade In the High Middle Ages and Late Middle Ages, societies witnessed religious conflicts called the Crusades started by the Latin Catholic Church to safeguard Christian interests. For example, the First Crusade occurred between 1095 and 1099 with its origins being France. However...
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The age of the crusades

...of the word "crusader" . The background of the crusades lie in Western developments earlier in the Middle Ages, as well as the deteriorating situation of the Byzantine Empire. The collapse of the Carolingian Empire in the later 9th century, combined with the relative stabilization of local European borders after the spread of Christianity among Vikings, Slavs and Magyars, meant that there was an large class of warriors who by that time had very little to do but fight among themselves and plunder the peasant population. The Church tried to interfere into this violence with the Peace and Truce of God movements, forbidding violence against certain people during certain seasons or times of year. This...
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The Crusades

...The Crusades The word 'Crusade' is derived from the word "Cross" and the initial goal of the campaigns was to repossess the holy of Jerusalem from the Muslim conquerors. There were number of campaigns on this regard and as many as 8 major movements are documented. The four earlier Crusades mentioned by historians are: The first Crusade, 1095-1101; The second Crusade, by Louis VII, 1145-47; The third Crusade, by Philip Augustus and Richard Coeur-de-Lion, 1188-92; The fourth Crusade, the trump of Constantinople, 1204; The fifth Crusade: The Fifth Crusade (1217-1221) was fought against the powerful Muslim state in Egypt as at that point of history it was certain that defeating the sultan of Egypt would pave the way to the holy land...
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The Crusades through Arab Eyes

...through Arab Eyes by Amin Maalouf focuses on the Arab perspective. Amin Maalouf presents the story of the Crusades through the point of view of Arabs. The thoughts and opinions of Arabs about the Crusades are presented in the book. In this paper, we will critically assess the book by discussing the Arab view about the Crusades, mentioned in the book. The Arab View The book stands out among other books written on this subject, for it differs from other books in its focus. Majority of books have depicted the Crusades from the Western perspective. This book focuses on the Arab forces and their thoughts. The author begins the book by describing the fear that Franj...
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•Explore and discuss the issue of the continuing relevance, if any, of the medieval crusades on Middle Eastern and Western societies in the early twenty-first century

... 17 September 2009 The medieval crusades on Middle Eastern and Western societies in the early 21st- century The beginning of the 21st century was marked by terror attacks and increase hostility between global nations. This paper is supposed to contemplate and dispute the issue of crusades which are considered to be holy wars against infidel. Were the crusades which took place in the period between 1095 and 1272 similar to holy war at the beginning of the 21st century? Before we start considering the crusades and particularly their goals, it is necessary to define what the holy war is. Thus we will be able to make a conclusion as for the essence of crusades. At the beginning of the 21st century, the two main forms of crusades are Islamic...
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The Crusades and their effect on Europe specifically England

...Introduction Historically crusades were forms of holy wars. They were mainly a series of wars organized and launched by the Western European Christians against non-Christian i.e. pagans, Muslims and dissent Christians. These wars took place because Christians felt that their Holy Lands such as Jerusalem and Damascus were taken away from them by undeserving persons. The first crusade took place in 1905 and it was focused on reclaiming Jerusalem, the location in which Jesus was crucified, from the Muslims (Crawford 1). It was organized under the watch of pope Urban II in France after receiving help messages from Byzantine Empire, Eastern Roman Empire. In this crusade, Christian warriors were urged to move into Palestine and free Jerusalem...
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The Crusades

... ‘The Crusades’, edited by S. J. Allen and Emilie Amt, and Memoirs of Usamah Ibn Munqidh, which is a translation by Phillip Hitti, are two texts that give account of the period of crusades which were fought in the medieval period, from 1095, between Moslims and Christians. Crusades were holy wars to free Jerusalem, the holy city of Christians from the Turks’ occupation. After a request from Byzantine Emperor, Alexis II, Pope Urban II exhorted Christian from other European States to fight against the Turks. After the sermon of Pope, the Christians launched crusades against Turks. The first text comprises of eyewitness account of the sermon of Pope Urban II and the details of Crusade as given by various Christian eyewitness. Pope’s sermon...
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The Motivations Behind the Crusades

... of Muslims was the urge to spread their religion all over the world. This Muslim crusade started even before the crusade of Christianity in Europe. For instance, many Muslim clerics, scholars and activists were indulged in the crusade of Islamic group. 2. Ultimately, what were the results of the Crusades, and who benefited the most from them? The Christianity crusade was a failure and it weakened the position of Pope as a religious leader. The crusade degraded the strength of feudal nobility and decreased the power of kings of Europe. The Byzantine Empire was weakened by the fall of Constantinople and many knights got killed in the crusade. However in the crusade, the Chrisitans got advantages from the trade side. Due to crusade...
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Historical book review on Gods Battalions the cas for the crusades by Rodney Stark

... on the historic review of the matters that were depicted through the book. The historical review of the societal setting during the Christian era has been depicted through the paper. Stark, clearly depicts the different myths about crusades and that they were mere depiction of the barbaric acts of Christianity to win over the Islamic rule. The myths that the crusades were unjustified are ruled out by Stark. Stark, rather provides a historical revisionism of the approaches by the Christian to punish the Muslims. Over the years, contrasts have been drawn between the barbaric attitudes of the Christians on the peace loving Islam clans. This phenomenon is ruled out by Stark and is considered to be one of the myths of the century. Moreover...
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The Impact of the Crusades

...The Crusades is considered as one of the most important historical events in the world witnessing a fight between two dominating religions of the world. The documentary “The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross” narrates that history and how the two religion shaped up against each other in one of the longest and fieriest battle history of the world. One of the key impacts of the war was the obvious loss of life of millions of people on both sides and war continued to keep Europe and Middle East in turmoil for over two centuries. What is critical to note however, is the fact that it increased the influence of Catholic Church and further strengthened its influence on monarchs and kings? It was also because of this that the hold of aristocracy...
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Challenges to Christianity Existence in the Past: the Enemies During the Crusades in the Middle Ages be relevant lest they become sidelined and doomed to extinction. Again, one needs to look and learn from the lessons of history. Christianity has faced several challenges to its existence in the past such as the enemies during the Crusades in the Middle Ages, stagnation resulting from autocratic hierarchical church structures, however, it prevailed. The onslaught of humanistic philosophies that plague religion at present must be seen in this context. The Christian churches are not without its resources as well. It must be taken advantage of and utilized because there is a battle out there that must be dealt with and won. References Akhtar, Shabbir, “The Quran and the Secular Mind: A Philosophy of Islam,”...
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Enlightenment Historiographies of the Crusades

...of the Crusades throughout Western Europe that can be traced as far back as the Renaissance and have now stretched to the point where a largely critical standpoint is taken by most. The last 30 years in particular have seen a massive change in fortune for the heroic reputation of the crusades – a reputation that was a mainstay of all accounts for several centuries and which still, to a point, influence popular opinion. Accounts such as those by the British Enlightenment historians Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) and Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) tend to view the crusades as perpetrated by westerners who, while perhaps glamorous, were on the whole, uneducated, childish and destructive. On the other...
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