Historical review on Gods Battalions the cas for the crusades by Rodney Stark - Book Report/Review Example

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The book focused on the practices of crusades that were used as a positive step to punish the then present day Muslims of their Barbaric…
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Historical book review on Gods Battalions the cas for the crusades by Rodney Stark
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Download file to see previous pages With this regard, the essay elaborates on the historic review of the matters that were depicted through the book.
The historical review of the societal setting during the Christian era has been depicted through the paper. Stark, clearly depicts the different myths about crusades and that they were mere depiction of the barbaric acts of Christianity to win over the Islamic rule. The myths that the crusades were unjustified are ruled out by Stark. Stark, rather provides a historical revisionism of the approaches by the Christian to punish the Muslims. Over the years, contrasts have been drawn between the barbaric attitudes of the Christians on the peace loving Islam clans. This phenomenon is ruled out by Stark and is considered to be one of the myths of the century. Moreover, the unprovoked attacks casted on the Muslim by the Christians are claimed to be a severe allegory. Stark duly justifies his claims by depicting the fact that the crusades were provoked by the oppression created by the Muslims on the Christians pilgrims2.
“Therefore in the name of God…..we implore you to bring this city all the faithful soldiers of Christ… [I]n your coming you will find your reward in heaven, and if you do not come God will condemn you.”3
Stark, even claims the crusades were an outcome of the severity of Muslim cruelty on the Christian over past 600 years. To depict the dominance of the Muslim clans Stark even reflects upon the prolonged history of the vandalism caused by the Muslim conquerors. Stark even stated that after the death of Muhammad there had been several years of terror created by Islam over the Christian territories. When taking about the brutality of the Muslim rule Stark deciphers about the facts that they were highly intolerant towards other religion than Islam. This led to several instances of vandalism and mass murders conducted by the Muslim ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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