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The paper "The Motivations Behind the Crusades" discusses that Islamic crusade success was very high compared to Christianity crusade because the war worn out empires of Byzantines and Persia was in power vacuum and Islam won these regions with less difficulty…
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The Motivations Behind the Crusades
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Topic: Results of the Crusades Essay What were the motivations behind the crusades from both the Christian and Islamic perspectives? By crusade we mean, the military expedition of a religious group in order to acquire their respective holy land. From the Christian and Islamic perspective the main motive behind crusade was the acquisition of their holy land. In the medieval ages, it was noticeable that both Lords and knights constantly indulged in unwanted feudal warfare. This practice was dangerous to both people as well as the lands of Christians. So in order to save the land and religion of Christians , the warfare energy between lords and knights were directed to Muslim crusade fighting.. However, the main motivation behind the crusade of Muslims was the urge to spread their religion all over the world. This Muslim crusade started even before the crusade of Christianity in Europe. For instance, many Muslim clerics, scholars and activists were indulged in the crusade of Islamic group.
2. Ultimately, what were the results of the Crusades, and who benefited the most from them?
The Christianity crusade was a failure and it weakened the position of Pope as a religious leader. The crusade degraded the strength of feudal nobility and decreased the power of kings of Europe. The Byzantine Empire was weakened by the fall of Constantinople and many knights got killed in the crusade. However in the crusade, the Chrisitans got advantages from the trade side. Due to crusade Europeans could avail themselves of cloth, spices and fruits from South Asian countries. This aspect was a benefit to both Muslim and Christians. According to the historical records, Islamic and Christian crusade fall on equal stands in regard to their benefit. However Islamic crusade success was very high compared to Christianity crusade because the war worn out empires of Byzantines and Persia was in power vaccum and Islam won these regions with less difficulty. Read More
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