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The Communicating God - Essay Example

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The author states that by communication Christians understand the purpose of their existence, not merely as beings to enjoy the gift of life God has bestowed, but to fulfill the duty to be stewards over His creation and to be instruments for the acceptance of souls to receive Him as the Savior. …
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The Communicating God
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Extract of sample "The Communicating God"

The Communicating God We can see throughout the Bible that God has been communicating to His people, revealing Himself through signs in the Old Testament, and putting on the human form through incarnation in the New Testament. Through God’s incarnation becoming Jesus Christ, He communicates His unconditional and eternal love for man, dying on the cross to fulfill man’s redemption to convey this message. According to Fjeldstad (2010), Jesus Christ is “proclaimed as the essence of communication,” with the verse in John 1:1-14 revealing that God is the Word, which became flesh. He also presents in the article that through Jesus’ deeds in His earthly living, healing, feeding, comforting and restoring life, He communicates to His people in action as well (Fjeldstad, 2010). God as the Holy Spirit is also a Communicator, as He guides us in our daily lives, and reveals God’s message to us. In the article, God is manifested as a Communicator in His totality.

The apostle Paul as cited in the article is a wonderful example of a Christian communicating to God and for God. There is a need for every Christian to understand that he is a communicator, tasked to share the gospel with other people (Fjeldstad, 2010). As God is a Communicator in action, so must Christians convey God’s message, not merely through speaking the good news to others, but to be testimonies of Him, keeping in mind what Kraft states that “the messenger himself/herself is the major component of the total message,” thus “we are a major part of the message that we seek to communicate” (as cited in Fjeldstad, 2010). Indeed, communication, which is the ability to express oneself, is God’s gift to humanity (Fjeldstad, 2010).

Individuals, particularly Christians should see the vitality of communication in their living. By giving importance to this gift, Christians are able to convey the truth, share the gospel, and save souls unto the Lord. Also through the use of this gift, God Himself can unveil His timely revelation to His people. By communication Christians understand the purpose of their existence, not merely as beings to enjoy the gift of life God has bestowed, but to fulfill the duty to be stewards over His creation, to be His testimony, and to be instruments for the acceptance of souls to receive Him as the Savior.  Read More
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The Communicating God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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