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The Institution Of Religion And Its Main Aims - Essay Example

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The elusiveness of the world beyond human rationality was the powerful impetus to the emergence of a widely accepted form of mysticism, which is religion. The paper "The Institution Of Religion And Its Main Aims" discusses the value of the institution of religion…
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The Institution Of Religion And Its Main Aims
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Extract of sample "The Institution Of Religion And Its Main Aims"

Download file to see previous pages The institution of religion shoulders all these human concerns by explaining the unexplainable through applying more intangible terms such as the holy trinity, the purgatory, the reincarnated soul and others. Moreover, the concepts of heaven and hell that myriad of people believes in are social control mechanisms that the church put up in order to spawn a high degree of compliance from its devotees. The latent objectives of religion were the usual departure of anti-religion philosophers such as Karl Marx, Max Weber and the most controversial of all Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.
Many atheists or non-believers question the accuracy and truthfulness of the most illustrious literary work produced before the advent of humanity’s incessant malevolence, the Bible. Most atheists believe that the Bible is a compiled forged testimony of people who have lived thousands of years ago. For the empirical mind, oral history is value-laden and much susceptible to manipulation hence making its correctness objectionable. Yet, many non-believers do not entirely discard the truthfulness of the Bible; instead, they are clamoring for a thorough revisiting of the past through speculations coupled with scientific methods to verify the precision of the stories narrated in the holy book. On the other hand, existentialist philosophers not merely disregard the Bible but also the existence of a Supreme Being that is the invincible creator of all.
Key figures in the history of humanity’s intellectual tradition placed them in their current position as thinkers to be venerated by their controversial and eccentric ideas, particularly against one of the most influential institutions in the world, religion; it in this argument that I will establish my defiant stance against religion. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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