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(you decide for me) - Essay Example

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Racism being a social vice that amounts to one of humankind’s major deterrence towards a conventional prosperity, in terms of social and economic development, it ought to be eliminated with the agency, but the question remains how? To fight this parasite, one needs to have a…
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(you decide for me)
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Task: Racism Racism being a social vice that amounts to one of humankind’s major deterrence towards a conventional prosperity, in terms of social and economic development, it ought to be eliminated with the agency, but the question remains how? To fight this parasite, one needs to have a deep insight and understanding of the subject. Various forms of racism have been incorporated in our society. The most common is the individual or the everyday form of racism, where individuals of the dominant race discriminate against one during common interactions, based on the individual’s color or ethnic orientation. This type of racism is rampant in white dominated societies.
The other form of racism is economic racism; this mainly has historical orientation with regard to economic or social disparity affecting the current generation. Some of these practices include a biased technique of hiring of employees based on race, a biased salary payment procedure, use of inflated requirements with regard to educational qualification or rendering foreign credentials invalid with regard to applying for a position in an organization. It has been argued that, hypothetically, a capitalist economy or profit driven employer reduces racial segregations, in the sense that, capitalists would avoid extra cost by accommodating everyone and minimizing discrimination or any racist hiring policies. However, normally cultural norm or affiliations tend to overwhelm the capitalists ideology in the sense that, hiring an individual of a different race to a managerial position may hamper communication among the other employers, jeopardizing the company’s operations. This tendency may continue to the outside of the company, as other companies tend to isolate it too.
The other form of racism is the institutional racism. This is a form of racism incorporated within the policies of a given institution, its practices and institutional procedures. These policies of which may be lead to deliberately or unconsciously, direct or indirectly promote, support or ingrain differential advantage for individuals belonging to certain races. Generally, institutional racism involves overt racist acts by individuals of which is not adequately responded to by the organization. Institutional racism is not just limited to institutions alone, it extensively covers even governments, co-operations and even religions. For instance, there are governments or branches of government arms that perpetuate racism against individuals with foreign origin by denying them access to basic resources like houses, health services, employment opportunities and even education (Bradley 121).
Systemic and institutional racism may appear similar except that systemic racism mainly deals with the laws or rules of an institution and its norms incorporated in the social system and with a potential to facilitate an unjust distribution of resources socially, economically and politically with regard to individuals racial orientation. These systems are consciously or unconsciously designed to alienate certain individuals within society. For instance, the education systems and curriculums; they are designed to favor the host culture or the way of life of the dominant race thus discriminating against the minor race. Although the main aim of schools is to offer a level platform for every individual to prosper, equally some curriculums inculcate racism in that the content thought in class may project some sense of superiority of certain races over others. For instance, individuals with an African origin are considered less intelligent and lazy as compared or perceived by the white colored people. In such cases, some students of that particular class may be victimized, something that may disturb their welfare as highlighted by individuals in the workshop (Bradley 248).
Here, education is used as an excuse to hide racism but still practice it indirectly. Ironically, some of these institutions, mandated to educate people and inculcate desirable behavior and morals within them, take inadequate or insignificant measures, to curb the practice of racism, as they normally ignore and pretend everything is normal. However, largely, the practice of institutional or systemic racism has been reduced to controllable levels, this is mainly due to stern conventional measures that have been put internationally to castigate and discriminate against this despicable practice.
The workshop mainly provided a platform for individuals to tell their stories from which solutions can be formulated to help curb the vice. At the same time, individuals learnt from other people’s experiences thus giving more weight to the negative effects of the practice. A joint approach technique towards shunning the vice was of high priority. Racism destroys culture, language and sometimes religion as well as hampering human capacity. It affects the psychological construct and the hideous moral obliteration of human possibility in relation to redefining ones identity to the world. The poisoned past continues to intoxicate the present and the future affairs of these individuals to others who only associate them with certain predetermined stereotypes thus generally destroying human relations. However, with the effort of every individual the practice can be reduced, if not eradicated.
Bradley, Schaefer. Ethnic cleansing its occurrences and effects, a study of the American Segregation. New York: McGraw Hill, 2004. Print. Read More
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((you Decide for Me) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
(you Decide for Me) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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