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Ethic and Morality in Religion - Essay Example

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The aim of the paper “Ethic and Morality in Religion” is to find out whether or not there exists any relationship between religious teachings on the one hand, and moral values on the other. The author conducted a comparative study of different religious beliefs and faiths.
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Ethic and Morality in Religion
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, it strives for all humanity without discrimination. The philosophers and thinkers are of the opinion that the popularity and validity of a religion can be assessed, estimated and measured by the noble teachings of its pioneers in respect of betterment and welfare of the individuals. No religion allows exercise of any kind of butcheries, atrocities and cruelties in the name of faith and religion. On the contrary, the concept of religion has close association with humanity, sacrifice, ethics and moral values.     The founders, preachers and pioneers of every religion have looked for the implication and observation of moral values as one of the most essential elements of the basic teachings of their faith. Though religious cults and practices vary among the followers of different religions, and there are some similarities too, yet the most common thing among all the faiths includes their emphasis on ethical principles and moral values. Ethics and morality refer to the rules and regulations, based on the principles of charity, kindness, love, respect and goodness, which everyone is bound to observe in his behavior. The basic motive behind every religion has always been the welfare of the people, which can be witnessed by analyzing the words, teachings and scriptures of the founders of the great religions.    Like other religious beliefs, Christianity has also defined morality as the essence of their traditional faith. The Christians consider Holy Christ as the founder of Christianity. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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