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Influence of Religion on Developing Societies - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Influence of Religion on Developing Societies" elucidates the complementary nature of religion and development, it is important to understand the concept of religion. Religion refers to a social system of beliefs and attitudes regarding objects, people, the sacred/divine and morality…
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Influence of Religion on Developing Societies
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Extract of sample "Influence of Religion on Developing Societies"

Download file to see previous pages Research has shown that one of the most significant contributions that any religion makes to societal development is by playing its role as a means of enforcing morality to society members. In societies where there is a prevalent belief in God and a substantial number of the members of society are religious, the moral value of integrity is also prevalent. As such, the resources in such societies are more likely to be fairly distributed to all members of society; this is because those who are in charge of the distribution of resources work with integrity. In a society that is prevalently religious, members of such societies are less likely to be distrustful of firms/companies’ ethics since such companies also have ‘religious’ employees who share similar moral values. While this may be a quite naïve outlook, such trust may also create a suitable business environment, which enhances development in a society.In his book ‘The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism’, Max Weber advances the idea that the work ethics that were instilled to European societies during and after the Protestant Reformation in the church played a major role in the development of capitalist ideals, which led to the rapid economic development in Europe and America. According to Weber, the Reformation emphasized moral values, such as hard work, austerity, frugality, and loyalty to interests of the group. These values, according to Weber, were the cornerstone of capitalism, which led to intensified economic development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In pre-industrialized societies, where the route to winning wealth and political power was through attracting followers of having lots of sons, to hunt for the family head or defend the family’s land. So, a man might marry several wives and have them produce goods that could be traded and generate income, and thus, polygamy is about hoarding the productive and reproductive labor of women.

The social implications of polygamy are more intricate and complex as there are obvious variations in the literature regarding the nature of relationships among co-wives in a polygamous marriage. It is also difficult to differentiate whether it is entirely good or is it entirely bad for women. The Mormons are an exceptional case...
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“Grant us space from our meditations on the secret recesses of your law, and do not lock the gate to us as we knock. It is n...
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...Under the Influence of Religion As we look at the world around us, we cannot help but be mindful of the influence of religion faiths in the world. It is religion that is at the root of much of the world’s turmoil right now: Darfur, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Syria, and Iran. All of these countries are either experiencing, or threatening to take action at the base of which is religious fundamentalism or differences. The world has come a long way towards being able to accept one another culturally, but we have not overcome our religious differences in a way that lends itself to world peace. We have let religion separate us, and there is no greater influence than that which can keep mankind separated, and, thusly, from fulfilling...
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The legal level of intoxication dropped from a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .15 down to .10. This limit has since dropped to .08, although zero-tolerance laws can make it a crime to drive with a BAC of .02 or less, depending on the circumstances. Automatic suspension of the driver’s license has been added, and while penalties vary somewhat from state to state, the vehicle may be immediately seized; the person jailed for 15-30 days and required...
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The first assignment was about the physical and social environments of the workplace and in that assign...
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he issues include inter-firm relations, trans-nationalization, regional culture, various production systems, regional culture, flows of knowledge through social networks, closely tied personal and business lives, embeddedness in surrounding society, external control and ownership, and contractual relations. Boundaries are demarcations of the firm’s structure that comprises an organization. All the above make demarcation of a firm difficult to ascertain. Boundaries are important in defining how and when things are done in the firm and establish rules and norms for inclusion or seclusion. It also determines parameters of organizational influence depending on the degree of the sector and its power over external influences. This...
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How Developing Economies Are Impacted by the Global Financial Crisis

The global financial crisis which started from the United States emerged
because of the diversified risk, in which the supply of capital to real economies is reduced as a result of freezing up of capital markets and the collapse of financial institutions.
Before coming to the current financial global crisis, knowing how a crisis occurs is also important. An economic crisis is simply known as the decline in economic activity for a few months in an economy. The typical measure which shows the decline in the activity of the economy is the decline in Gross Domestic Product or a negative real economic growth rate. When a recession remains for a longer period, it is known as economic depressio...
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