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A Believer of Islam - Case Study Example

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The paper 'A Believer of Islam' presents Islam which is a monotheist religion which beliefs in one God, Allah, who is the superpower, “the all-knowing”. The term Islam means ‘submission” of oneself to Allah, and a believer of Islam is a Muslim, one who submits to Allah, the Almighty…
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A Believer of Islam
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Extract of sample "A Believer of Islam"

Download file to see previous pages The tradition of the Islamic religion outlines detailed actions regarding every aspect of life, which every Muslim must adhere to. These aspects include daily activities and rituals such as Namaaz, food etiquette, respect for elders, marriage ceremonies, peaceful and friendly behavior towards neighbors, friends, relatives, and numerous aspects of daily life. thus we can say that the Koran is the code of conduct, a reference book for the Muslim community to lead a peaceful and content life while doing good deeds, for which they shall be rewarded in the life, hereafter, or after death.
Existentialism is not a religion; it is a movement that began in the early 18th century, by a group of scholars. The movement is atheistic as it does not believe in God as the supreme power governing the actions and occurrences of the world. Existentialism is a way of life that determines that the actions of a person are based on free will. It states that morals, value, and ethics in the life of an individual necessitate form the individual’s experiences of the world, and as such are based on personal perceptions. The movement is known to have begun by scholars like Soren Kierkegaard, who emphasizes on the occurrence of truth, rejecting the system of Hegelianism. He states that each individual has to pass through three stages in life.
The other prominent scholar of existentialism, Friedrich Nietzsche, believes in the concept of “nothingness”. His famous quote, “God is Dead”, stems from the fact that more and more people are becoming atheist and that Christianity cannot be a basis for values, ethics, and morals. He criticizes Western culture stating that there is an absence of morals and values in the culture. he believes that the strong will for “freedom” is the most dominating emotion over all the other wills of religion, morals and ethical values. He firmly believes that there is no version of the ultimate truth and that there will only be different perspectives of truth which will be based on different viewpoints of diverse individuals. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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A Believer of Islam Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2661 Words.
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