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Islam religion and christianity - Essay Example

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Islam is a monotheistic religion which is considered to be the second largest world religion with over 1 billion followers in the world,the term Islam refers to submission to God. Muslims believe that Muhammad was a prophet who revealed the Quran.They believe that Christians altered text with regard to Moses and Jesus…
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Islam religion and christianity
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"Islam religion and christianity"

Download file to see previous pages Islam is a monotheistic religion which is considered to be the second largest world religion with over 1 billion followers in the world, the term Islam refers to submission to God. Muslims believe that Muhammad was a prophet who revealed the Quran.They believe that Christians altered text with regard to Moses and Jesus.This paper is an analysis of an interview undertaken on a Muslim male who volunteered to give information regarding religious practices and believes. The following is an analysis of the information provided by the respondent and also an analysis of the differences and similarities that exist between Islam, and Christianity. The interview was undertaken outside a mosque on a Friday afternoon, a believer volunteered to take the interview that entailed taking note of some of the believes and practices of Islam religion, the respondent was briefed on the importance and purpose of the study and this ensured that information was provided for this report.A guiding questionnaire was prepared in order to undertake an interview. This questionnaire was prepared in order to understand the Islam religion. The first question was the description of Islam faith, the respondent stated that Islam believe in One God who was Allah and Mohammed was a prophet, he stated that there were five guidelines and most important features of Islam, this include Shahadah which is a creed that is required to be recited by those converting to Islam and also Muslims recite it in player. The other is Salah and this is a player that Muslims are required to recite five times in one day. The thirst is Sakat which is a financial obligation that entails giving Allah some of the wealth accumulated. The other believe is the fasting in Ramadan, this entails fasting durian the nine month in the Islam calendar for the purpose of asking Allah to forgive sins, provide and protect. Finally is Hajj which is a requirement that Muslims must visit Mecca once in their lifetime.
The other question was to determine what the Quran signified and who wrote the holy book, according to the respondent the Quran was dictated to Islam by God through Angel Gabriel, the Quran was never edited and is the original work. it describes the will of God and therefore is the most important icon in Islam religion.
The other question was aimed at determining the individual view on other religions especially Christianity, according to the respondent Christians were non believers because they believe in the trinity, Muslims believe in one and only God Allah and that Christians considered Mohammed to be the son of god whereas Mohammad was a prophet. He also stated that Christians consumed pork which Islam considered to be unclean and for this reason Islam was the true religion stating that Christians had altered with the word of God which is the bible, he however stated that Christianity and Islam were similar but Islam was the True religion.
He provided information about the origin of Islam, according to him Mohammed started Islam and that he was considered to have ascended into heaven and never died as Christians put it, he stated that Mohammed was born of a virgin and Muslims believe that he would come again.
When asked about their believe in the holy war and heaven he stated that Jihad was a fight in the way of God and that anyone who died during such a war is considered to go straight to heaven, he stated that Muslims believed in heaven and hell and people went to heaven only if they were true believers and that their good deeds outweighed their bad deeds on earth, when asked about baptism and the original sin, he stated that Adam is considered a prophet in Islam and that he was righteous and never sinned, he added that when babies are born they are free from any sin and when they reach puberty an account in heaven is opened to record their bad and good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Islam Religion and Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
“Islam Religion and Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/religion-and-theology/1504590-islam-religion-and-christianity.
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