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Prayer: Its significance to Religion as Practiced and Observed in Islam, Judaism and Christianity - Essay Example

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Prayer: Its significance to Religion as Practiced and Observed in Islam, Judaism and Christianity
Prayer is an essential part of the Islamic religion and it is observed five times a day where the schedules are equally distributed through the day, giving all the opportunities for a person to pray…
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Prayer: Its significance to Religion as Practiced and Observed in Islam, Judaism and Christianity
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"Prayer: Its significance to Religion as Practiced and Observed in Islam, Judaism and Christianity"

Download file to see previous pages It is then obligatory for a Muslim to pray for the guidance of Allah so that a person could do all that Allah wants them to do in relation to what have been planned for him. Probably, prayer is important in all religions because they are a common practice generally observed in expressing one’s beliefs. Those who practice Judaism also have a set of prayers they recite three times a day on regular days but have more on their Sabbath and Jewish holidays ( Christians on the other hand perceive prayer as a means of expressing one’s self and spending time with God. Unlike Islam and Judaism, Christianity does not mention a set time or number of times that they pray during the day. However, they deem it vital because it is their means of getting close to God, when God listens to them as they speak to him. In Islamic observances, an individual is to perform the Taharah or purification before saying the prayers. Muslims should not pray with blood, feces, urine, vomit, pus, and penis and vaginal discharges on themselves or clothing because the aforementioned substances are considered filthy. However, semen and the woman’s fluid of orgasm are not considered filthy ( so that they are allowed not to be washed or cleansed. Taking extra care of the cleansing of the filthy substances is needed and therefore demands the Muslims to look after their hygienic rituals well. After urinating or defecating, Muslims should wipe the area with tissue and make sure there is nothing left by pouring water over the excretory parts. Wudu or ablution is performed by the washing of certain parts of the body like the hands, wrist, mouth, nose, mouth, ears, forearms and elbows. As they are washing the body parts mentioned earlier, the person should also be praying for his cleansing as his body is being cleansed. The washing of certain body parts is symbolic of the cleansing not only of filthy substances but also of the sinful acts where the body parts were used. For instance, the washing of the mouth brings a person to remember what he said and ask for Allah’s forgiveness should there be anything that he said that caused him to sin. As the hands are washed, the Muslim asks for the forgiveness of the things he did that are not in accordance to the will of Allah. In the Jewish tradition, there are no rituals they observe before prayer times. However, they are to observe proper concentration called kavvanah which is considered essential to prayer ( Moreover, male Jews are required to use head coverings like dress hats or yarmulke or kipa, as a sign of respect. The tallit or prayer shawl is an obligatory clothing used by the Jews but are not required from visitors. The tzenuit or appropriate dress for a house of worship should be observed and for women, they are required to use long sleeves, long skirts and covering for the hair especially for Jewish married women ( For Christians, there are no special rituals or clothing requirements that they are supposed to adhere to. Probably, their concentration is more on the prayer itself as they seem to pray for a variety of things not only for themselves but for others, too ( For the Muslims, they pray on their knees, standing up, sitting down and prostrating. Basically, they do the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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