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World religon - Essay Example

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The books of Moses lay foundation Judaism, which is made up of thirteen fundamental beliefs. The first fundamental belief is the existence of a creator. The creator is believed to be perfect in all aspect of existence and is the main cause of the entire world activity…
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World religon
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Extract of sample "World religon"

World religions Teachings of Torah The books of Moses lay foundation Judaism, which is made up of thirteen fundamental beliefs. The first fundamental belief is the existence of a creator. The creator is believed to be perfect in all aspect of existence and is the main cause of the entire world activity. Second belief is that God’s absolute and unparalleled unity as such cannot be separated. God is not affected by the physical occurrences such as movement or dwelling (Crusemanm, 1996, p. 35). In fact, G-ds presence is everywhere making him omnipresent. The fourth concept is the eternity of God and does not change or age like humanity. It is imperative to worship God because he is a jealous God as presented in the book of exodus. The inspiration of the book of Torah shows that it originates from God. Therefore, Torah is immutable and contains the word of God. There is divine reward and retribution when the Torah is obeyed or disobeyed. The ability of God to offer retribution as a result of disobedience of Torah is presented by the character of God. The arrival of the messiah and the existence of the messianic era are a belief presented in the Judaism. The resurrection of the dead is a fundamental belief of Judaism (Crusemanm, 1996, p. 23). The presentation of the moral laws in the Leviticus presents the ideology and values wanted by G-d to his people. The laws are considered immutable and cannot be changed or even modified. The belief on the divine origin of Torah is the main contributor to Judaism. Therefore, Judaism contains thirteen fundamental beliefs that focus on the existence and nature of God and Torah. Seven sacraments The first sacrament is baptism which is the basis of Christian life. Christians are born of water and spirits and depicts and a new beginning in Christian life. Even Christ was baptized in river Jordan illustrating the importance of baptism. All the Christian denominations including Catholics, orthodox and protestant practice this sacrament, but with different variations. The second sacrament is confirmation which is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit. It is the receiving of the Holy Spirit and involves the anointing of the forehead with chrism and laying of hands by the priest. It is practiced in catholic, but the Protestants do not practice confirmation on the basis that it was not practiced by the early church. The Eucharistic is the third sacrament and involves thanksgiving. It is described in the Eucharistic Liturgy in 155AD and is practiced in the Mass. However, the Protestants do not practice Eucharistic celebration on the basis of their norm. The fourth sacrament is confirmation which involves three steps namely sorrow for sins, actual confession to a priest and restitution for sins. It leads to interior conversion of the heart, but it is not practiced by Protestants because they believe it is Gods role to forgive sin and not human beings. The fifth is anointing the sick which is practiced by Catholics and orthodox, but the protestant denominations do practice a similar approach with the focus being on prayer for the sick and not anointing of the sick. The sixth sacrament is the Holy Orders which began with the last supper. However, the protestant denominations practice last supper as the main sacrament. The last sacrament is marriage which is practiced by of the Christ professing denominations in the world. Vedas philosophy and Brahmanism or Hindu tradition Vedic tradition is more than a religion. In reality, it is a way of life with complete philosophy and principles. It is based on truths that can apply to anyone at any time. These truths are termed as Universal Spiritual truths. The nature of the soul is called Sanatana-Dharma which is the eternal nature of the soul. The recognition of one Supreme Being with different forms is captured in the philosophy which is similar to Hinduism. Hinduism covers existence of Supreme Being in different forms and focusing on the various aspects of life. The recognition of the immortality of the soul is presented in both Hinduism and Vedic culture. Hinduism believes in the existence of immortality and change from one form to another after death depending of the values upheld. It is termed as incarnation, and it is a growth process leading to liberation. There are ten qualities, which are the basis of a righteous life. They are firmness, forgiveness, self-control, and refraining from dishonesty or stealing. Other values include purity, control over senses, intellect, knowledge, truth and patience. These values are the principles of living associated with Hinduism and Vedic religion. The Vedic religion is shaped by the ten values termed as qualities of a righteous life. According to the Vedic’s, there is one God but with three integral aspects of absolute truth namely Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan. These aspects help in defining the nature of God to humanity and illustrate the power and principles associated with God. Reference Crusemanm, F. (1996). Torah: Theology And Social History Of Old Testament Law. New York: Continuum. Read More
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