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Belonging in America: The Balance of Behavior and Belief of Muslim Youth - Research Proposal Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Belonging in America: The Balance of Behavior and Belief of Muslim Youth Introduction As the 20th century comes to an ending, it is time to echo on people’s successes and failures in replying to the Qur'anic challenge of establishing a morally upright culture on earth…
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Belonging in America: The Balance of Behavior and Belief of Muslim Youth
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Extract of sample "Belonging in America: The Balance of Behavior and Belief of Muslim Youth"

Download file to see previous pages However, it has not been a simple task. A lot of people in the world have strived and struggled to make this earth a much better place to live in; an environment that would expose a balanced person exhibiting an extremely spiritual life informed by utter moral values by the main institutions of socialization like family, religious centers, community and so on. In this regard, the Islamic religious text has reminded its readers more than once that a man obtains, but only what he strives for (Ahmed and Ezzeddine 159). Islamic people believe that their endeavors will be judged, and only then will they get their rewards in full. In essence, humankind has to keep on striving in order to earn its ultimate reward in its entirety. Therefore, the challenge remains to be how one upholds this dynamic energy, in faith, through striving to stay a Muslim, that is, an individual who has "suggested" their total being to the Divine will. Many institutions have been established, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which tend to deal with this matter. However, their endeavors have not been as successful as expected (Ahmed and Ezzeddine 159). Muslim youth in American struggle with a ?ux of social, developmental, religious and cultural factors, which can drive them towards negative behavior and attitudes that obstruct their growth. Also, many geopolitical events associated with the rejectionary antisocial behaviors and attitudes of small segments of Muslim youth in America have ended in capturing public interest in Muslim youth. However, little is known concerning this populace in spite of the fact that a projected 67% of American Muslims are less than 40 years of age (Ahmed and Ezzeddine 159). Muslim youths that are raised in the United States go through a lot of challenges, which arise from the complex intersections of culture, adolescence, as well as religious identity, which might drive them towards engaging in unconstructive activities. This paper intends to present challenges facing Muslim youth, convey fresh progress in the field of youth development and provide agencies, institutions and professionals, with suggestions for enhancing the positive growth of American Muslim youths. Some of the challenges identified by Muslim youth in American are namely the issues of individuality ad acculturation, the lack of support, challenges maintaining spiritual beliefs, and challenges with gender relations (Ahmed and Ezzeddine 159). The Positive Youth Development (PYD) replica is explored in the context of Muslim youth in American, and finally, suggestions are offered to community and government agencies, youth organizations, educational institutions and the Muslim spiritual community, so as to better meet the requirements of American Muslim youth and encourage their positive growth. Sufism in America A Gateway for Belonging The least attention granted to Sufi movements in much earlier scholarships on Muslim youths in the United States is pinpointing in the sense that such movements were marginal to the concerns of a majority of the Muslim youths residing in the United States and unimportant in reference to their effect on American institutions and culture. Organizations and publications, at the same time, sponsored by the American Muslim populace have greatly ignored Sufism. A majority of the American Muslim youth owe their image of a modern Muslim movement to Sufism, a tolerant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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