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What I would do with the remaining time if found out to have only 24 hours to live - Assignment Example

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Thinking about death is one of the most painful and scary experiences in human life. However, it is important for everyone to understand that death is a reality and inevitable…
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What I would do with the remaining time if found out to have only 24 hours to live
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"What I would do with the remaining time if found out to have only 24 hours to live"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that my doctor’s pronunciation has taken me by surprise and I must die within the next 24 hours, I strongly believe that this is the time for me to focus on physical, spiritual, family and emotional issues. Knowing that I have lived my life imperfectly before my creator, I will dedicate a lot of my last moments in prayer and repentance. Although it will be difficult to praise and worship God, I will try to dedicate some moments to focus on my life and praise and worship God for the time He gave me on earth. I will also delve into scriptures for reassurance about a brighter future after death. I will as much as possible make my path straight before God so that my eternity may be spent in paradise. The reality of death is a harsh one even to the bravest of people. This being the case, I have no doubt that I feel very scared about the whole experience of dying. I imagine myself kicking and struggling to disentangle myself from the grip of death in vain. I imagine seeing my mother and close family members weeping at the news of my death. I wish I was never born in the first place so that I would not have to endure the pain of death. Stressed about having to leave my loved ones behind shortly, I will try and share my last moments in the company of my family and closest friends. I will take some time to share my goals, expectations, and concerns with them to ensure that I leave everything in order. Since most families tend to engage in a dispute over sharing of properties after their beloved ones have passed on, my first move will be to avoid such happenings by drafting a will. In the will I will direct how I would wish my property to be shared among my family members. I will also detail my debts and obligations to other people and instruct my family to repay the debts and if possible fulfill the obligations that I will not have fulfilled within the time left. In addition to the will, I will write a letter of instructions. The letter of instruction will help my family make decisions at the end of my life, and once I am gone. In the letter of instruction, I will include a list of names and phone numbers of those I want to be contacted after my death. To ease the tension that I am feeling, I take a short walk around our garden and within town alone. As I walk about, I will focus on what life is all about and how I spent my life. I will take note of my achievements and failures and try to convince myself that I did my part in life the best I could albeit as an imperfect person. In overall, I will pray that my eternal destiny would be a good one. # 2. My Funeral Plan Funeral is one of the most important stages in a person’s “life”. Once a person is dead, the next stage is usually to organize a funeral service in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. However, in order for the funeral service to be conducted in accordance with the deceased’s desires, it is important for the deceased to live behind a plan of funeral service, stating how he/she wants the service conducted. However, very few people normally get the chance to draft their funeral plan. I am among the lucky few who have had the opportunity to write a funeral plan. Below is a plan of how I want my funeral service conducted once I am dead and gone. I would like to be given a decent send off once I am dead. Immediately I am pronounced dead, my body should be taken to the private wing of a mortuary where my body will be well preserved. I would not wish to have my loved ones see my body in bad shape when I am gone. I wish to see my funeral attended by as many of my friends and acquaintances as possible. For this reason, I will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What I Would Do With the Remaining Time If Found Out to Have Only 24 Assignment.
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