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24 Hour Diary Entry - Assignment Example

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February 14, 2050 Its been 10 years since my beloved Harry died. I can't help but feel the tremendous loss he is in my life everyday. More so each time Valentine's day rolls around…
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24 Hour Diary Entry
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Download file to see previous pages Harry was and is truly my life, and no hologram can take his place. Stephanie will be coming by with Peter in a few hours to spend the rest of Valentine's night with me. I will never understand why they prefer to travel to the house via particle transfer. It has always seemed so dangerous to me. Specially since I have to make sure they both show up fully atomized on my end. After what happened to Scampi, I just don't want another mess of red globs on my transporter floor again. I'll have to try and convince them to travel by jet pack again. It really is so much safer for all of us to be navigating through sky traffic than atom links. I'll be preparing their favorite dish to celebrate the night. The Duck L'Orange should only take about 1 minute to materialize from the Imaginfood maker. I hope the food maker doesn't act up tonight. It's been serving me double patty grilled pork pulls all week no matter what I think up. The repairman said I was thinking of too many foods so the analyzer could not figure out what I really wanted to eat. I hope it can see my visualization tonight. There goes the holophone. I better go answer it. It sounds like Peter on the other end. He hates it when his hologram has to stand around for more than 2 rings. I certainly hope they won't be canceling on me. I could really use the company of my daughter and her husband tonight. March 19, 2050 My how time flies! Just a few weeks ago I was celebrating Valentine's Day and here I am now, just back from another birthday appointment with my doctor. Really, these annual doctor visits become a bane for someone like me who doesn't really feel anything wrong with me. But I have to do it because Stephanie insists that I continue to be carried on her insurance policy even though I have my own. Why I have to be checked out by my doctor each year on my day of birth itself is beyond me. All this government red tape... Anyway, my doctor showed up via video conference while my medical emergency robot took care of the blood, urine, and fecal testing that the doctor required. I am really glad Stephanie got me a female carebot, I doubt I would have been able to allow the tests if it were a male. These robots look so lifelike that I oftentimes forget they are just wires and processing chips underneath the silicone skin. My results were fine as expected. Save for some Anemia and arthritis, Stephanie doesn't have to worry about raising her insurance premiums for elderly catastrophic care just yet. My grandson Skip will be spending the weekend with me while his mom and dad are away on business. I always like having him around. He never minds hanging with his 80 year old mumsie. I think it is because he feels more intelligent around me. I could never work that streaming music player he got me for Christmas last year. He promised to teach me how to use the humming feature in order to search for the correct music I want to listen to over the preset web stations. June 23, 2050 Summertime! My friends and I are planning a virtual trip to Acapulco this weekend. All this rain outside my bio dome has been making my arthritis act up. I need the heat of the sun. Ever since global warming reversed the weather conditions. Summer has never meant summer and neither has the rainy season. It's been raining when the sun should be out and sunny when the rain should be pouring. Don't even get me started on that erratic snow fall that is wreaking havoc on my green house. You never know when that powder is going to fall. What I would without my artificial sun maker, I will never know. My best friends Linda and Laura will be using our life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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