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Carbohydrate Diets - Essay Example

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The study in trying to identify the effect of carbohydrates on fatigue, and the effect of high and low glycemic index of food evaluated 15 male subjects between 18-25 years while performing the 7 trials of shuttle runs. The study conducted a qualitative methodology to collect the data and conducted the 3 repetitive tests to identify the performance levels of the subjects during the 30 m trial runs…
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Carbohydrate Diets

Extract of sample "Carbohydrate Diets"

Download file to see previous pages For each trail a rest period of 25 min was maintained to get rid of the earlier test effect of fatigue. The experiment was conducted with each diet per day, noting the time levels for each shuttle run of subjects with the help of a stopwatch. The fatigue indices were calculated and rated on a 5 unit scale for easy comparison at minimum values. The test results were was coded on to computer to do a variance analysis. A Two-way analysis with repetitive data was conducted and found the P ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Low Carbohydrate Diets vs Low Fat Diets

...disease conditions, as compared to the use of low fat diets. However, the researchers observe that longer term studies are required, to draw definitive conclusions in favor of low carbohydrate diets. Overall, it was found that achieving weight loss was the most important factor for eliminating metabolic disorders and diseases of vital organs threatening healthy living and longevity. It is concluded that both low carbohydrate diets and low fat diets are equally effective for losing weight. Thus, instead of resorting to drugs to address obesity and related health problems, it is recommended that either low carbohydrate or...
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... to store energy; when the energy is needed, the carbohydrates are broken down by enzymes ( 761577934/Carbohydrate.html). Carbohydrates provide energy for the brain, central nervous system, and muscle cells. They are found largely in sugars, fruits, vegetables, and cereals and grains. Meats generally have no carbohydrates. There are simple carbohydrates, such as sugars, and complex carbohydrates, such as breads and pastas, which the body breaks down into sugars. Someone with a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet should limit carbohydrates to 300 grams. Someone with a 2,500-calorie-per-day diet can consume up to 375 grams of carbohydrates. A medium baked potato with skin has 51 grams of carbohydrates, an apple has...
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The Effect of a Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse on 20 mile Cycle Time Trial Performance

Carbohydrates, being the primary energy source, help the person to perform exercises well. Having a high carbohydrate meal before the exercise will make a person maintain body glucose levels. This will help them to perform the best.
Now the studies have proved that carbohydrate mouthwashes before and during exercise will boost the person to perform well. ( studies have reported that carbohydrate ingestion will improve the performance more during intensive exercises in a short duration of time. The reason behind this is that the high carbohydrate food ingestion before and during high intensive exercise will have its ergogenic effect by acting through the central nervous system, mediated by the glucose rece...
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Fad diets

...-day diet plan. 2. The Artkins diet This is a diet that promotes low-carb bars and food products from Artkins. It restricts the intake of vegetables, whole grains, fruits and low-fat dairy products. 3. The Zone It is a complex diet that requires measuring, weighing and calculating of percentages of the amount of food groups consumed every day. 4. South beach diet It is a three phase diet in which the first phase involves restriction to intake of fruit, bread, pasta, potatoes and baked goods. The second phase requires the dieter to add good carbs back to the diet while the third stage involves eating anything in moderation. (Healing self and spirit, p5) UNHEALTHY FAD DIETS TO AVOID DIET TYPE SOME EXAMPLES 1.High carbohydrate and low fat Dr...
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Low-Carbohydrate Diets

...Low-Carbohydrate Diets Due to health risk of being overweight, and maybe to some people who are body-shape conscious, low-carbohydrate diets are thought to be wisely recommended. Various plans of low-carb diets are available in the internet which are intentionally designed as weight loss plans. As one article explained the theory, “the philosophy of low-carb diets is that when the cravings have subsided, not only will carbohydrate intake be substantially lower, but food intake in general will decline, resulting in weight loss” (Hanlon, n.d., para.3).However, it is better to consult a doctor first before considering a low-carb diet because, although there are testimonials of being effective in weight loss, as reported, low carb diets...
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Vegetarian Diets

...Client’s Vegetarianism Food serves many purposes in life. Food is associated with socialization and culture. It is associated with comfort and emotions. Food is associated with pleasures and indulgences. However, the true purpose of food is to feed the body in order to help it function at the highest level. The types of diets that are adapted by human beings are likely to mirror those that were developed through family, but at times there will be a lifestyle that breaks away from the traditions of the family in order to eat in a healthier manner or to make a social statement. Vegetarianism is a type of dietary choice that can fulfill either health needs or social needs as it can have a purpose either way. In looking at the dietary...
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Carbohydrate Loading

Under normal circumstances the energy requirement of the body is met by carbohydrate and fats however, for athletes undergoing strenuous training the main source of energy is carbohydrates which help in the working out of muscles. An athlete is at the peak of his performance as long as his body has enough carbohydrate to supply to his muscles in use. Once this storage of carbohydrates depletes and is completely exhausted, the body starts to use up the fats to provide energy. Therefore, it is crucial for athletes, especially those who are engaged in strenuous sports like marathon, to have enough carbohydrate storage during the entire run and this is where carbohydrate loading comes in.
Glycogen Supercompensation is the scientif...
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... Diet Discuss modifications of Diet as related to various of health. Examples include dieting to reduce overall calories, DASH diet, fat, fiber, antioxidants and other strategies for risk reduction. Again, be specific The DASH diet encourages people to eat a lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables as well as discourages eating of red meat. According to the DASH diet, eating less fatty foods and sweets reduces the high number of calories and more fiber in ones’ meal increases the level of glucose in the blood as well as maintains the blood insulin level to manageable level. People with diseases such as diabetes need to refrain from eating a lot of carbohydrates. Rather, they should eat more whole grain, eat more poultry and fish and not red...
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Why Diets Fail

... Why Diets Fail Today, the world knows the great variability of diets and they still continue appearing. All of them promise a kind of a new and unique way of losing weight that is said to show its efficiency already after a weak of its application. However, it appears in practice that the process of weight loss and retention is not as easy as it is said to be. Great numbers of people are dieting, but having no success as far as their weight is either remains the same or turns back in even bigger amounts. Thereof, the aim of the following paper is to discuss some of the widespread reasons of why diets become a failure and what lies behind their ineffectiveness. To start with, the weakness of a diet starts with the way it is being...
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AMDR for Carbohydrate Intake

It is important to avoid added sugar. Substituting sweetened sodas with water is essential. Instead of relying on desserts rich in added sugars, individuals should go for alternatives such as fruits (, 2012). There should be a bias towards breakfast cereals that contain less added sugars. People need to go for fruit juices as opposed to fruit drinks due to the sugar influx that the later create in the system.
Choosing complex carbohydrate over simple ones helps increases fiber intake. Simple carbohydrates contain simple sugars that increase systemic glucose levels rapidly. To increase fiber intake, people should adopt diets composed of unprocessed whole grains and starchy vegetables due to the richness of fiber they ex...
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The Effect of Carbohydrate on Fatigue, and the Effect of High and Low Glycemic Index of Food

... and conducted the 3 repetitive tests to identify the performance levels of the subjects during the 30 m trial runs. The subjects were given low, medium and high carbohydrate diet for high, median and low glycemic index before 2 hours of experiment. 10%, 40% and 70% of carbohydrate levels are considered as low, medium and high levels and is given at that percentages to the body weight of the subjects. For each trail a rest period of 25 min was maintained to get rid of the earlier test effect of fatigue. The experiment was conducted with each diet per day, noting the time levels for each shuttle run of subjects with the help of a stopwatch. The fatigue indices were calculated and rated on a 5 unit scale for easy comparison at minimum values...
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Food Habits, Exercises, Sports and Diets

... or just Atkins, is a well-known low-carbohydrate diet. The basic principle of the Atkins diet is to make the body to switch from burning glucose to burning the stored body fat. It involves the restriction of intake of carbohydrates in order to achieve this transition in the body’s metabolic activities. SOUTH BEACH DIET: The South Beach diet is a diet plan started by cardiologist Arthur Agatston. This diet emphasizes the consumption of "good carbohydrates" and "good fats". The underlying principle behind this diet is that excess consumption of so-called "bad carbohydrates", such as the rapidly-absorbed carbohydrates found in foods with a high glycemic index, creates an insulin resistance syndrome - an impairment of the hormone insulins...
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Reasons to Avoid the Low-Carbohydrate Diet

...) defines low-carbohydrate diets as those which restrict caloric intake by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates to 20 to 60 grams per day (usually less than twenty percent of the daily caloric intake). The consumption of protein and fat, on the other hand, is then increased in order to compensate for the part of the calories that formerly came from the carbohydrates (Last and Wilson, 2006). As previously mentioned, this kind of diet is of paramount importance for the treatment of obesity as well as other diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy (Last and Wilson, 2006; Taubes, 2007). Nevertheless, a number of issues have surrounded the said topic at...
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Why Protein Based Diets Can Be Deadly for Some Individuals

...Protein based diets can be deadly for some individuals with inborn errors of amino acid metabolism Amino acid metabolism Amino acids make an important contribution to metabolic energy generation through their oxidative degradation. The body obtains its share of metabolic energy from amino acids through dietary proteins and tissue proteins. The essential amino acids which are not synthesised by the body are derived from dietary proteins and include phenylalanine, valine, tryptophan, threonine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine and lysine. Infants and growing children are also provided with sulphur containing amino acids like cysteine, aromatic amino acids like tyrosine, arginine and histidine in diet (Young and Borgonha, 2000). The dietary...
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Why Fad Diets Do not Work

... such as is seen in people who have anorexia or bulimia eating disorders.Research conducted by Hilde Bruch explains how “true” anorexics deny being too thin and take pride in extreme weight loss that is beyond normal. Many fad diets do not meet standard guidelines for fat content level in the diet. Dietary fat is important and an unrestricted lower fat diet may be an effective approach to weight loss (Lissner et al. 1987). However, sometimes these diets will promote the consumption of unhealthy high fat foods and a lowerlevel of carbohydrates, which if taken for an extended period may have a contribution to diseases such as heart disease. Healthy fats and proteins are also required for the body to function properly and provide a feeling...
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Low Glycaemic Index Diets

Research done by Gries (2003) shows that the glycemic index diet is an eating plan that is majorly based on how foods people eat affect blood sugar levels. It can also be defined as a system in which the carbohydrate foods are assigned a number according to how they increase the blood sugar level. It is also not a diet plan, but a tool among other tools such as calorie counting. It uses indices as the primary key in planning meals. Additionally, it does not specify the portions of fats, calories or carbohydrates for weight loss or maintenance (Gries, 2003).

Consequently, Sievenpiper et al, (2012) provided a detailed study, which proved that the glycemic index offers information on how foods affect insulin and blood sug...
8 Pages (2000 words) Literature review
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