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Explain the Meaning of the Four Noble Truths - Essay Example

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The First Noble Truth: To live is to Suffer Man is often seen to encounter suffering merely by virtue of living. When a child is born the child is effectively condemned to a life where they will face the pains of death and disease, sorrow and anguish because having a living body essentially means that they will often get tired and sick…
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Explain the Meaning of the Four Noble Truths
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Extract of sample "Explain the Meaning of the Four Noble Truths"

Download file to see previous pages This truth helps us understand that we should be realistic and seek to better understand suffering inorder to lessen it when it occurs (Molloy 133). The Second Truth: Suffering generally comes from Desire When Buddha took the time to analyze suffering, he found that it is often experienced due to our nature that is rarely satisfied what we may happen to have. The Sanskrit word “trishna” can invariably be translated to mean craving which is seen to suggest both the fear of loss as well as an addiction (Molloy 133). The Third Truth: To Ending Desire will End Suffering Although this truth is seen to generally contradict a number of western notions that encourage one to try and achieve every imaginable desire, its guiding principles are seen to essentially be true. Buddha himself left his family and possessions and taught his followers that their desire for any form of attachments would invariably result in their suffering. Although it might be impossible or difficult to change the entire outside world, I can be able to sufficiently change how I view the outside world by changing myself (Molloy 133). The Fourth Noble Truth: Release from Suffering is Possible The ultimate goal of the entire Buddhism religion is for one to be able to attain nirvana which suggest inner peace, liberation as well as the end of suffering. One is able to obtain self-control and not be driven by emotional forces. Buddhist followers are generally encouraged to try and follow the noble Eight fold Path as it is perceived that this will aid them in the attainment of nirvana (Molloy 134). What is Nirvana? As is often common in Hinduism, the outside everyday world that experiences constant change is also referred to as samsara in Buddhism. This term is seen to suggest both pain and decay and according to Buddhist teachings, one is able to eventually be liberated from Samsara by attaining Nirvana. It is widely believed that Nirvana is essentially a state where one is able to exist without experiencing any limitations. Although there exists a misconception among most individuals in the West who commonly think of nirvana as being a psychological state mainly because it is often described as helping evoke both peace and joy, nirvana is found to better be thought of as being generally indescribable and largely beyond all the possible psychological states (Molloy 139-140). Why is Nirvana Important? Although the actual attainment of nirvana is seen to occur rather rarely, it is generally theoretically very possible for one to be able to attain this much sought after state within their lifetime. Buddha himself is said to have only managed to finally entire nirvana at the time of his enlightenment. Most Buddhists seek to attain nirvana due to the promise of peace and contentment that is offered. Nirvana is also important as it effectively signifies the end of an individual’s circle of constant rebirth and death. It is a common belief in most cultures inclusive of Buddhism that one is essentially born a number of times before their current life (Molloy 139-140). What are the Basic Differences between the Theravada and the Mahayana Buddhists? Although Mahayana Buddhists and the Theravada Buddhists happen to share essentially similar core beliefs and have an essentially identical devotion to both the teachings and the life of Buddha, there a number of differences existing between the two branches of Buddhism. A key difference is that while Theravada Buddhism is found to be more widespread in the South East Asia regions and is widely believed to essentially be older and close to the original form of Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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