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Reason and Faith - Essay Example

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 This essay considers reason and faith are sources of authority whereby the belief of an individual can rest. Belief is referred to as the values that emanate from a methodological process of inquiry. This process can either be religious, aesthetic, moral or even intellectual…
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Reason and Faith
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Extract of sample "Reason and Faith"

Download file to see previous pages Faith is the opposite of reason, and it does not require any evidence for an individual to believe in a given issue or authority. On this basis, faith is a demonstration of assent or trust (Albl, 22). Faith, therefore, involves an act of commitment that emanates from the believer, in relation to a given belief. Religious faith involves the belief of an individual to a supernatural deity or God. The root cause of this faith always comes from an individual revelation of God, or the workings of God (The Bible, 3).
On this note, revelation can either be direct, personally experiencing the powers of God. It can also be indirect, that is experiencing the powers of God through the testimonies of other people. Faith that emanates from religion is of two types, namely evidence insensitive faith, and evidence sensitive faith. Evidence sensitive faith is built upon by demonstrable truths, which includes testimonies brought forth by believers or people who ascribe to the same Faith. Mueller (27) denotes that this type of faith is also built on the teachings and lives of people who believed in God. On the other hand, Mueller (29) denotes that evidence-insensitive faith is built upon the individual experiences of a person with his God. All (26) explains that it is possible for a person to believe in God, through faith, or through reason. This paper takes a stand that the Bible is the main book that provides guidance on an individual’s Christian faith. The reason is only used to confirm and provide support for the various religious beliefs.
Prickett and Robert (36) denote that the main factor that led to the problems associated with reason and faith comes from the concept of revelation. All religious beliefs are based on revelations. Revelations always entail an individual’s experiences with God, which in turn they are described through sacred pronunciations (Prickett and Robert, 33).   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Reason and Faith Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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